5 Ways to Take the Fear Out of Your New Management Role

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As with many managers, leadership might not come easy for you. Like everyone else, you have fears to overcome when taking on a new management role. Being surrounded by new people, procedures, and technology can make these fears seem insurmountable. However, you can’t let your anxiety drive your behaviors. If you do, you won’t be effective in your leadership role. This will reduce your odds of moving forward in your career path.   

Here are five ways to overcome fear in your new leadership position.  

Determine What You Are Afraid Of 

Think about specific things you fear so that you can overcome them. This may include making the wrong decision, being criticized or judged, or feeling humiliated. Keep in mind that nobody knows everything or always makes the right choice. You can discuss your decisions and share what you learn from the mistakes you make. If someone has an issue with your leadership, set aside time for a discussion to resolve it. Welcome constructive feedback.   

Find Peer Support  

Connect with fellow managers willing to provide leadership support. Look for leaders you can confide in about ideas, concerns, and strategic visions. Find peers you can trust to be genuine with their feedback. You want honest opinions about developing your ideas and implementing tough decisions. Be willing to perform the same actions when your peers come to you for support for their own needs. 

Be Transparent  

Promote transparency as much as possible. Speaking in a truthful way encourages others to do so as well. This promotes honesty as part of team culture. Sharing as much information as possible develops trust among your team. Members will be more inclined to be upfront about things when they know how much their input is valued. Building transparency increases the success of your team and the company.  

Embrace Failure 

Use your mistakes as opportunities to learn. There will be times when you have to make difficult decisions in a short amount of time without all the facts. If you fail, take responsibility for what happens. Talk about why you made the decision and reasons it didn’t work. Share what you learned and how you would have chosen differently if you had more information. Keep in mind that making a decision that fails doesn’t make you a failure. Not making a decision at all is what leads to failure.  

Demonstrate Integrity  

Make sure you do everything with integrity. Since nobody is flawless, you won’t be able to make decisions that satisfy everyone. Your decisions will be scrutinized and upset some people along the way. Show how you made your choices based on what’s best for the organization. Demonstrating integrity enhances your image as a leader dedicated to the betterment of the company.  

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