Accounting Temps

How to Audition Talent Using Accounting Temps

Hiring the right candidate to fit a role is one of the most challenging aspects of being a manager or supervisor. It’s hard to get an accurate feel for what people can do, simply by looking at their resume, which is why accounting temps make a lot of sense. Through temporary employment, you can audition candidates for […]

Top Talent Acquisition

Seven Traits Effective Managers Have in Common

Behind every successful company is a great management team that knows how to recruit, motivate, and retain its employees. While managers come from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse set of credentials, the best managers all have a few qualities in common. So, what makes a good manager? Consider the following traits: Ability to […]

Top Talent Acquisition

Acquiring Top Talent for Your San Diego Business

  The acquisition of top talent is a sought after goal for business owners and managers. Attracting and then maintaining excellent talent is possible if you understand who the laborers are entering the workforce. The Pew Research Center reports “one in three American workers today are Millennials.” This number will increase quite a bit by […]