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4 Resume Essentials for a Finance Job

  Writing a resume that impresses staffing agencies and hiring managers relies on incorporating essential elements in a way that does not bore them. You need to set yourself apart from other candidates vying for the same finance jobs. You have just a few seconds to appeal to a company. Make your first impression a […]

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10 Dynamic Words Your Resume Needs

Although the world is beginning to rely more and more on technology, one aspect of searching for a job never changes: the need for a solid resume. Not only do San Diego headhunters want to see a resume with experience and education, but they also need to know that you are well-suited for the position […]

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How to Get Ahead in Your Career in Finance

Finance is an industry that often doesn’t suffer too much from the peaks and valleys of the economy.  If you’re like many students, you may be finishing up school and getting ready to start working, but you may not be sure how to get ahead in your career in finance. While it’s certainly possible for […]

Technology Has Revolutionized the Finance Industry

Technology Has Revolutionized the Finance Industry

It’s important to know how the finance industry has changed before starting your career in this field. One example is the use of technology, which has changed the way different procedures work. Here are several reasons why technology in the finance industry is changing it for the better: Plastic Money: Credit cards, debit cards and […]