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Kathleen Ng

Sales Assistant

Kathleen recently embarked on an exciting journey to the West Coast from her hometown in Massachusetts. Currently, she is a Sales Assistant at Boutique Recruiting, where she is committed to making meaningful connections and helping individuals find their dream career paths. As a first-generation graduate, Kathleen proudly holds a degree from Western New England University. Her educational journey taught her the value of determination, resilience, and the importance of seizing opportunities. Working in the dynamic world of Boutique Recruiting allows her to leverage her interpersonal skills and passion for self-development.

Kathleen believes that connecting people with the right career opportunities can lead to transformative changes in their lives, and she is dedicated to facilitating these connections. One of her unique strengths is her proficiency in Cantonese, which opens doors for communication and understanding in diverse settings. During Kathleen’s downtime, she is an avid traveler who loves to explore new destinations, experience different cuisines, and immerse herself in the beauty of the world. Cooking is another passion of hers. In her new home of San Diego, Kathleen enjoys uncovering hidden gems, from pristine beaches to vibrant neighborhoods.