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3 Reasons to Grow Your Small Business Staff Through a Staffing Agency


When your small business is small enough for you to run alone, you can handle and oversee every aspect of it. But once business starts to grow, it’s time to start delegating tasks to other people. This can be incredibly stressful, especially if you haven’t hired people before. So, simplify the process and work with a staffing agency to find the top talent you need to expand your business. Here are three reasons why staffing agencies are the ideal solutions for small business employers.

1. Shift hiring processes and liabilities to the experts

Hiring people involves a lot of legal requirements. Even just the process of working through applications and narrowing down the list to one or two potential hires for an interview is plagued with pitfalls and potential liabilities. You can accidentally leave paperwork vulnerable to data theft or use an unauthorized factor to turn someone down. Both situations leave your small business open to claims and lawsuits.

But staffing agencies have well-practiced procedures to legally filter through applicants, interview them, and find the best match for your business. They also handle all of the personal information that applicants send in so you’re not responsible for securing those details.

2. Third-party services can streamline every part of your business

Running a small business successfully is hard. But it’s easier than ever before because of the abundance of third-party services that you can find or subscribe to online. Instead of having a full-time financial team, you can contract with a part-time CPA. Instead of having an IT department, you can have a managed IT service subscription instead. While there are certain key functions that need to be performed by dedicated employees, using services whenever possible streamlines your business.

Using a staffing agency gives your small business the same benefits. Instead of paying for a full HR department with recruiting agents, you can hire a staffing agency’s services only when you decide you need a new employee. 

Depending on how big your company is, employees can be an expense that runs your company into the ground. Once your staff size is large enough, your company may be required to provide health insurance options and also have larger elements of commercial coverage. So save your employee slots for the professionals you need to have on a full-time basis and find a service for all of your other business functions.

3. Get reliable staff faster

Staffing agencies don’t just know how to follow the rules. They also know the best ways to screen candidates and separate really valuable thinkers from seemingly identical applicants. Hiring on your own can be hit or miss, especially the first few times, and that means you lose critical time when your business is starting to expand.

Everything from the wording you use in a job description to the experience requirements you prefer can make promising candidates think twice and then opt to go elsewhere. Setting your standards too low can also leave you with an employee who is a bad fit. Staffing agencies can help guide you through the process so they have a good idea of who you’re looking to hire. Then they can go through a pool of candidates they already have access to in order to find that good match.

Instead of posting a job opportunity next to the millions of others on job sites, you can work with a staffing agency to find better candidates faster and spend less time finding them. Go to San Diego Pro Staffing, Inc. dba Boutique Recruiting to learn more about our process and how we can help your company’s growth get off to a great start today.