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Staffing Solutions: The Growing Case For The Gig Economy

Technology changes the workforce. This is not a new phenomenon, but we are seeing the latest iteration of what happens when technology grows and advances to the point that the old way of doing things has, in many ways, become obsolete. Thanks to digitization, increased communication capabilities, and the pressure on businesses to deliver more […]

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Boost Your Business And Your Morale With Temporary Placements

Many businesses find themselves in a panic when some of their full-time employees take a leave of absence, breaks, holidays, etc. The businesses panic happens because there will be open holes left behind. These open holes and gaps can have serious implications on a business. What can your business do if you find yourself in […]

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The Benefits Temp Services Could Bring to Your Business

Staffing can be a time-consuming and expensive aspect of running a business. Particularly in smaller companies, it can seem as though human resources personnel are spending the majority of their time onboarding new employees. It can then be particularly beneficial for these companies to outsource their hiring needs to a staffing agency. Whether you are […]


An Overview of Recruiting for Finance and Accounting Temp Jobs

Research on employment application statistics shows that sometimes less than one percent of job hunters successfully get hired. Securing gainful employment consumes the time, money and energy of both the company and job seeker, but there are fortunately staffing firms and placement agencies that facilitate and streamline the process. Finance and Accounting Jobs Finance and accounting recruiters work with […]

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Why You Should Consider Using Temp Services–Even if You’re Hiring for a Permanent Position

Temp services are not just for temporary positions. More and more companies are advertising their positions as temp-to-hire. There are plenty of benefits to doing so. Below are a few great reasons why using a temp service is a smart idea, even if you are looking for someone permanent. Both the Employer and Employee can Benefit […]

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Asking Good Interview Questions in the Accounting Staffing Industry

  If you’re like us, you have that ongoing dilemma because your staffing agency hires contract workers and consultants and may make direct placements. Some candidates whom you interview must fit a client’s organization for a limited time while others are hired with the expectation that they will stay as long as possible. For recruiters, it’s difficult to find […]

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Top Talent Acquisition: 6 Reasons Athletes Are a Winning Choice

Regardless of industry, hiring an athlete can be a winning decision for your business. They’re tough, they’re motivated, and they’re committed to accomplishing the goals set before them. If you’re debating between otherwise equally qualified candidates for an open position, your best bet is the person who is actively or formerly engaged in individual or team sport. Athletes are competition-driven […]

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Why Companies Outsource Staffing to Contingent Firms

Human resources management involves everything from labor to employment to compensation. Every organization relies on HR professionals to recruit, hire, train, develop, discipline and terminate employees. Many companies choose to outsource certain HR functions, such as screening and hiring, to headhunters and contingent firms to increase productivity, compliance and organizational effectiveness. The HR department is […]

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Recruiting for Finance and Accounting–5 Tips for Finding the Right Candidate

Recruiting for finance and accounting jobs comes with its own unique set of challenges. In accounting, there is always a deadline looming. Whether it’s month-end, the time when quarterly taxes are due, or year-end, it’s always a busy time. If your department is understaffed, it can really set everyone back. That’s why it’s important to […]


A Quick Overview of C-Level Poisitions

When looking to staff employees, it’s important to provide as much information about the position as possible, from responsibilities and experience required, to how the position fits into the chain of command. Being as candid as possible will help find the best fit for both parties. Clearly spelling out the duties of executive and leadership […]


5 Ways Temporary Placements Help Your Business

When you have a position coming open in you business, you don’t necessarily want to have to hire someone to take it over full-time. Hiring a temporary placement can do plenty of things for your business. By using a temporary placement service, you can sit back, relax, and trust that your business will keep running […]

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Temp Services for Every Type of Company

Sometimes, it’s hard not to stop and ask ourselves this question. Is the entire world going to be crowdsourced like Uber? Now, please don’t be alarmed, but the trend towards using a flexible workforce of freelancers seems to be cropping up in almost every industry. That’s because companies can find employees who want flexibility and […]

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Temp Services Revamp for 2017

The job market changes so rapidly that employers find it challenging to adjust their recruiting strategies in time. They may have elaborate software solutions at their disposal, including online and mobile applications, applicant tracking systems, and pre-employment assessments with customizable screening questions. They may have many qualified applicants applying to their vacant positions, but they […]