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3 Ways Social Media Can Help in Top Talent Acquisition


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, more and more personnel managers are extending their recruitment into social media. And that makes perfect sense: more than 2.2 billion internet users worldwide are now active on social media, creating 500,000 new profiles on Facebook alone every single day.


If you want to recruit new applicants for your career openings, getting the message to them where they spend their time is crucial – and that space is social media. So whether you’re thinking about expanding your recruiting efforts into the social sphere or simply want to improve your current efforts, here are 3 ways in which social media can help acquire top talent for your company.


1) Take Advantage of LinkedIn


The most “professional” of all network has become far more than simply a digital version of your resume. The network now boasts over 380 million active users, 107 million of which are right here in the U.S. That bears repeating: a third of all U.S. inhabitants are active on LinkedIn, where they network in groups, post their thoughts, and – yes – search for jobs.


Recruiting on networks like Facebook or Twitter can be tricky, because messages that seem even remotely promotional may become intrusive for users who are simply trying to interact with their friends and family. LinkedIn is a different case, because users log in specifically for professional reasons.


That’s why the network has grown to become one of the largest career engines in our country, with public job boards, private groups and the premium “Recruiter” option all inviting employers to seek out their applicants. As an added bonus, using LinkedIn to recruit talent gives you access to your applicants’ professional history to a larger degree than a resume and cover letter ever could.


2) Search for Current Applicants, But Don’t Discriminate


Another popular use for social media within HR is to learn more about current applicants after the initial recruitment phase. No less than 43 percent of employers use networks like Facebook and Twitter to screen their applicants, seeking making sure that their social profiles reflect their statements and that their personalities mesh within the company’s culture.


The practice has become so common that even applicants no longer seem to raise their eyebrows about it. But if you’re screening your applicants to ensure you secure the best talent possible, you have to absolutely sure that you don’t turn away applicants for potentially discriminatory reasons. As you can imagine, even the perception that you are declining to offer the position to applicants based on factors like gender or race can lead to serious legal problems.


To prevent this from happening, be sure to have a Social Media Screening policy in place before engaging in the practice.This article defines some of the crucial characteristics that your screening policy should include to make sure you can screen your applicants without discrimination.


3) Indirect Messages Matter, Too


If you’re recruiting talent for your organization, chances are you want to recruit the best candidates possible. But unless your organization is a well-known brand like Google or Apple, those candidates won’t just magically apply just because they like your job description so much. Convincing them that you’re their employer of choice means convincing them about the value of your organization, which goes beyond simply posting your job on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Instead, take the content marketing approach, which has become increasingly successful among recruiters. By posting relevant content about your industry, your company culture and job seeking tips, you gradually develop a reputation as a thought leader within your industry. The best talent is much more likely to apply once a job comes along if they already have a positive image of your company. If you have any questions about content marketing, simply talk to your marketing team! Chances are they’re already using the concept to some degree.


Of course, some of these strategies take time to develop and integrate into your recruitment and talent acquisition plan. If you’re in need for finance, accounting, or administrative talent right now, contact us! We’ll take care of your immediate needs while you develop your new, social media-supported long-term approach to top talent acquisition.