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4 Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency to Find Talent


Watching your business grow is so rewarding. Yet, with that growth comes the need to add more staff to your company. The process itself is enough to make the most seasoned entrepreneur stressed out. How do you find talent? How long will it take to sift through the endless number of applications? How will you interview them? Your employees are your greatest asset. However, as a business owner finding talent may not be the best use of your time. Especially when other tasks will help grow your business more. Using a temporary placement agency saves you time and money.

You can fill the open position fast:

Traditional methods for finding talent are time-consuming. The Internet is an effective way to quickly post job advertisements. However, the number of applications you will receive feels overwhelming.

  • You must sift through a seemingly endless pile of applications.
  • Interviewing qualified candidates takes time.
  • After you pick a candidate, you extend an offer. If they reject your offer, you are back to interviewing more candidates.
  • If this new hire doesn’t work out. You go right back to that huge pile of applications.

If you need a new hire fast, you don’t have time to go through the traditional employment process. A temp agency takes care of that for you. They have a list of pre-qualified candidates for the position you need. They can send a temporary employee to you quickly who can help you meet your business goals.

Temp to perm or seasonal employees:

The temp to perm hiring option takes the risk out of hiring new talent. Once they prove they are a good fit for your company you can hire them permanently.

Depending on your business, you may need additional staff during busy seasons. You can request temporary staff for your busy time of year. If you need to temporarily replace an employee so they can go on medical or maternity leave temp agencies can help there too.

Hiring perks:

Temporary employees don’t work for the client, they work for the staffing agency. This is beneficial to the client for a few reasons.

  • The staffing agency is responsible for filing taxes on the employee. This takes a large task off your plate.
  • If it turns out a temporary hire is not a good fit, you are not responsible for firing them. All you do is notify the staffing agency and they will send you someone else.
  • A reputable staffing agency does not charge applicants to apply with the firm. The charge goes to the client. Therefore, staffing companies provide a large pool of employee options for their clients.

Employee benefits:

Many staffing companies offer competitive wages, paid time off, and health insurance benefits. This way they attract and retain the top talent at their agency. The agency’s talent roster is always full, and the clients have excellent options to choose from.

Most staffing companies hire people for a variety of roles. Many will hire staff in accounting, administrative, manufacturing, and many other industries. Agencies help employees find work within their desired field. Clients can fill a variety of necessary roles within their company.

The agency does the job searching for you. Job searching is exhausting. The staffing company takes care of that task for their employees. Not all jobs are posted on job sites. A recruiter has access to jobs that are not posted online. This gives employees an advantage.

Staffing agencies can provide valuable feedback to their staff. They can help them craft their resume, so they showcase the skills that clients want to see. If they have an applicant who is new to the workforce, they can coach them through the interview process. Staffing agencies help employees grow and develop. Then, they send star performers to their clients.

There are numerous benefits to using a temporary agency to fill your talent needs. It saves you time and money to outsource the hiring process. A great staffing company can help take your business to the next level. Looking to hire additional staff? Let the experts at Boutique Recruiting help. We help our clients fill a variety of roles from administrative to accounting. Contact us today.