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5 Reasons Retirees should Consider San Diego Headhunters


When re-entering the workforce, many retirees skim through part-time job ads and help-wanted sites. But a better option would be to use a headhunting service instead. Retirees, in particular, can benefit from using San Diego headhunters – here are just a few ways.

#1. You have the skills headhunters are looking for

During your career, you have probably built up quite an extensive resume. Why let all that experience go to waste, particularly if you have niche skills that are still in high demand?

Many people avoid headhunters because they feel they do not have anything special to offer. Others believe they are past their prime, so no one will want to hire them anyway. For these individuals, talking with a headhunter is often an eye-opening experience. You may be surprised to learn how in-demand your experience is or just how many companies are looking for someone like you who is mature and dependable.

#2. It will help with building your network

If you have been out of the workforce for some time, you may no longer have a professional network to fall back on. In that case, you’ll find a headhunter invaluable in helping you rebuild that network. A headhunter can put you in touch with people you might not meet otherwise. And the odds that you will hit it off with someone is good, since a headhunter’s contacts have already been pre-screened.

#3. You’ll get help polishing your resume 

Most retirees do not keep an updated resume on hand “just in case.” It’s only after they decide to start working again that they begin thinking about one. By that time, the old resume is pretty rusty-if they even have one that is.

The thought of creating a new resume after all these years might make you shudder. How will you explain a gap in employment? Does putting dates on a resume make you seem old or out of touch? These are reasonable questions that your headhunter can easily put to rest. Your recruiter can give you pointers on resume creation, and will likely review it for clarity, errors, and formatting.

#4. It’s good practice for an interview

The job interview is another area where you may be a little anxious. It never hurts to have practice, which is exactly what you will get when you meet with a headhunter. Some recruiters may even set up mock interviews. This helps you get reacquainted with the process and ensures you are up to speed on the latest interviewing techniques.

In turn, practicing your interview skills helps build self-confidence. Showing confidence during an interview is something many retired people struggle with, largely because they are out of practice.

#5. You’ll have access to more jobs

Many companies work exclusively with headhunting agencies. This means that unless you partner with one, you are unlikely to find certain opportunities. Not only that, but headhunters also have access to some of the better-paying positions. Why work for low wages when you can find someone who will pay you what you are worth?

You’ll also face less competition than you would when scouring through traditional job boards, since not everyone qualifies for headhunter services. Best of all, you can avoid doing entry-level work again. Let’s face it-you have already paid your dues and really shouldn’t have to start from scratch again.

Have you retired from a finance or accounting job but feel it is time to re-enter the workforce? If so, we have a number of positions that could be a good fit for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and find out what opportunities might be right for you.