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5 Reasons to Seek a Temporary Position


When most people talk about getting a new job, they mean finding a position that will be theirs for several years, if not the rest of their working lives. However, not everyone’s circumstances support such a long-term commitment to an employer. While you may want or need a job now, it would be disingenuous to interview with the premise that you’ll be staying for years if you don’t know where you’ll be in a few months. Fortunately, your need for short-term employment is often matched with certain companies’ needs for a little extra help for only a few months out of each year. If you’re not sure if your circumstances qualify for seeking temporary employment, here are five of the most common reasons why many people do the exact same thing:

1) The Kids are Back in School

Many parents, moms, and dads alike take several years off from work to raise their children. This time is especially valuable during the infant and toddler years, but once kids are spending most of their time at school, there’s no reason not to start working on your career again. Of course, you also don’t have to suddenly switch all your attention from kids to work. With a temporary position during the school year, you can work while your kids are at school and free your attention up again just in time for summer.

2) Supporting a Long Interview Process

For a lot of serious long-term positions, the interview and assessment stage can take weeks, if not months to complete. Even if you’re in the process of lining up your dream job, if you are currently out of work during the extended interview process, you still need to pay the bills today. A temporary job can help you keep your skills sharp and your bank account in the black while you give your next long-term employer time to finish their arduous task of running all the paperwork, completing your background check, and thinking up new interview hoops for you to jump through before earning a valued place on their team.

3) Trying a New Career

Whether you are a fresh college graduate looking to dip your toe into several careers your degree could apply to or someone who has already proven themselves in one line of work and is looking to try something new, a temporary position is a great opportunity for new experimental experiences. Seeking a job that is guaranteed to only last a few months allows you to test the environment, policies, and attitudes of a new career without risking the unpleasant experience of quitting if it’s not your cup of tea.

4) Working in a Temporary Location

Some people find themselves in a city or even country in which they plan to stay for a few months, but not permanently. Perhaps you are in or out of college, moved with a military spouse, to take care of a relative, or to help your child get into a specialized school. While it would be helpful to have a job in these circumstances, it is also impractical to seek a permanent position. Temporary work is perfect for this kind of situation where you will be nearby and able to commit to the work now, but probably not in a year.

5) Getting Back in the Game

Even if you have a single favorite career, not everyone works continuously throughout their life. Some people take time off to raise kids, end up out of work during a major illness, or even decide to get back on the horse after a few years of retirement. For whatever reason you stopped working, a temporary job is a great way to warm back up to the industry without overtaxing yourself and leaves your options open once you’ve sharpened your skills and gotten back into your fighting form.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of unique personal reasons to seek temporary employment from balancing time with child rearing to trying something new and while you may not expect it, many companies will be happy to have you. For more information about how to find the perfect temporary position for your unique circumstances, contact us today!