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5 Signs of a Fantastic Temporary Employee


For companies that go through annual or seasonal rush cycle, there’s no denying the use of temporary employees. There are many situations where you simply need more hands on deck during some times of the year than others and by arranging for temporary hires, you can ensure both that you’re not paying too much year-round for help you don’t always need and that your hires don’t expect to be around forever. In many ways, temporary hiring policies are perfect for everyone, including professionals who happen to have hours free during your rush season. The only question is how you know which temporary employee will boost the efficiency of your office and which ones will slow you down. Working with a boutique hiring agency is a fantastic way to start but it can also help to know the signs for yourself.

1) Enthusiasm for the Work

Just like any employee hire, more often than not your best employees are the ones that seem to genuinely enjoy the work at hand. This means that their mood and morale will improve while they work, they will endeavor to do the job right because it matters to them, and they will have a good time talking about the work with others. The last point, of course, is how you identify an enthusiastic temporary hire. Simply ask them about their work and watch for an energetic and positive response.

2) Competent and Practical Attitude

Hiring temporary employees is always a decision of practicality. Your business needs a specific amount of work in a specific amount of time and that’s why you’ve arranged to bring in extra help. The best way to ensure that you work like a well-oiled machine with your temporary employees is to work with people who understand this practical viewpoint. Ideally, you can find a single specialist or a small team of people who can view their position like visiting technicians, there to get the job done and return the office back to its usual state efficiently. Practical people are more likely to take the deadline seriously and not get sentimental.

3) Plans for the Next Job

A very good sign for any temporary employee is someone who already has plans for what they’re going to do after working a season with your company. In many cases, a professional temporary employee may well have a schedule of other businesses they work for in other times of the year or already have the next seasonal opportunity lined up with the temporary employment agency. Seasonal employees who already have plans will not be angling for a full-time position though may be open to considering one if you want to offer.

4) Ready for Quick Training

Perhaps the best quality in a temporary employee is someone who trains quickly so that you can dedicate the maximum possible amount of their time to getting your extra seasonal work done. You’re looking for professionals who have been through this song and dance before, know how to step in as a temporary specialist, and is ready to quickly adapt to your company’s particular way of doing things. The more experienced your financial, technical, and support temporary staff are with the seasonal routine, the more likely they will be to train quickly.

5) Respectful of Existing Structure

Finally, on an unusually personal note, you’re looking for people who don’t expect to become the center of attention or form lifelong friendships during their brief tenure in your company. While it may be fine if this happens naturally, temporary employees usually have a laidback understanding that there is a status quo in the office that existed before they arrived and will return after they go. People who can respect this will actually fit in much more smoothly in the time that they’re around and helping out.

Hiring temporary employees is a necessity of seasonal business, whether you need accountants for tax time or technicians for a customer service rush during your busy season. The key is to find people who can integrate smoothly, make life easier while they’re around, and depart with cheer when the season is over. For more tips for hiring temporary employees or to find the right temporary staffing solution for your business, contact us today!