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5 Tips for Leveraging Social Media During Your Job Search


Social media plays a key part in today’s job search strategy. You gain insight into opportunities and employers that interest you and learn more about what it’s like to work for a company. You’re also able to see who works for the organization, determine whether you have a connection, and potentially gain an employee referral to increase your odds of securing a position. This is why it’s important to involve social media when finding a new role. 

Here are five ways to include social media when looking for your next job. 

Let Recruiters on LinkedIn Know You Seek a Job Change 

Mark your LinkedIn profile as “Open to new opportunities.” This lets recruiters know you’re looking for a new role but don’t want your employer to find out. You can mention where you’re at in your job search, the titles you’re open to learning about, your preferred industries, company size, and location.   

Participate in Industry Conversations on Twitter 

Build a network of influencers in your industry by being involved in conversations on Twitter. Find and follow people in your field, then start or join in conversations to increase your visibility. This increases your odds of finding a job through referrals instead of having your resume end up in a stack with others. Or, start or join in on general job hunt conversations with hashtags like #careerchat or #jobhuntchat to find leads.   

Check Out Facebook Jobs 

Use Facebooks Jobs to find available opportunities. Search for openings by location, industry, or job type. Subscribe to get notifications about new postings. Visit the company’s page to learn about its mission, vision, and values. View posts to see what a typical day at the office is like. Visualize yourself working there to determine whether you’d be a good culture fit. Apply for a job by clicking Apply Now. Fill out the application and click Send.   

Gain Company Insight Through Instagram 

Learn about company culture and events through Instagram. Many brands share engaging images of corporate events, awards, and other happenings in their offices. This provides an insider view of what it’s like to work for the company. Visualize yourself at the next conference or event to determine whether you want to apply. If you decide an opportunity interests you, figure out how company culture fits your own interests and hobbies. Work this into your interview answers to form a personal connection and help you stand out. 

Follow Hashtags for Job Openings 

Take advantage of job postings on Twitter by following hashtags. Search for #JobSearch, #JobHunt, #NowHiring, #Resume, #TweetMyJobs, or something similar. Change your search terms to take advantage of new hashtags that regularly emerge. 

Partner with a Recruiter 

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