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5 Tips for Nailing a Phone Interview


When you are going in for the phone interview, that doesn’t change the amount you have to prepare. Actually you can’t use the energy of the room or your in person charisma on the phone; you have got to be even more prepared. Here are 5 tips for nailing a phone interview.

Tips for Nailing a Phone Interview
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Prepare: Just because you are on the phone doesn’t excuse you from preparation. You need to know what this job is for, what it’s all about, and how you fit in. If you can’t convince someone that you are the best person for a job on the phone you are never going to be able to land this job in person.

Extraneous: Get all the noises out of your sphere. If this call is on your cell, don’t answer any other calls coming in. If you have any other distractions like TV, computers, music, roommates, or anyone else in the house, make sure those distractions don’t bother you for the whole of the interview.

Concise: Someone who’s conducting a phone interview obviously doesn’t have a lot of time. So make sure not to get too long-winded. The shorter the better for your answers so long as the questions are answered fully.

Invisible: You are invisible so use this fact to your advantage. Make sure to have any potential info about this job handy so you can easily access it if there’s something that you’re unsure of. Another thing you can also do in such an instance is just be honest; saying you don’t know the answer to a question but you’d like to learn shows your ability to glean knowledge.

Follow Up: Finally follow up with your phone interview. Send an email thanking the person for their time soon after!

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