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5 Ways to Love Your Job Again and Re-Engage With Your Career – Pt 2


[The Continuance]

3) Reconnect With Your Company Values

Another question to ask yourself when contemplating quitting for a new position is what made you choose your current company in the first place. In a job search, we will compare dozens of possible employers and choose one we feel offers the best opportunity and company culture. What made you choose this position back when you were still engaged and excited about the work? Many people choose an employer because they felt they resonated with the company values. 

Perhaps your firm emphasizes really helping clients over making the quickest buck, or perhaps you’re working for a company that is truly furthering technological development. Or maybe your company has a great outreach program for troubled kids or shelter animals. If there is something about the company culture you admire, consider getting more involved in the aspects of the company that addresses this. Join the charity events or volunteer for projects that mean more to you than your day-to-day tasks.

4) Seek More Interesting Responsibilities

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make in their career is also, fortunately, easy to resolve. When you first took this position, the tasks on your plate were probably more than enough. You were entertained learning the ropes, figuring out how to do everything well, and becoming good at the standard tasks of your position. But it’s okay to grow, to need more challenge and variety even if you’re not yet ready to take a bigger step up the career ladder.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your manager about new responsibilities, and possibly training someone else to do the parts of your job that you have begun to found tedious. Talk about what you like best about your position and how you think you could contribute by taking on a greater variety of tasks that would be fun and beneficial to master. A good manager will be excited that you want to take on more challenging work and re-engage with your career.

5) Know When It’s Time to Move On

While the majority of our advice has focused on loving the job you’re in, your career and ability to enjoy your work also depend on being in a position that allows for growth. If you have changed things up and have begun working harder, have tried to get involved with the interesting aspects of your company, and have reached out for career advancement opportunities inside the company and come up empty-handed, it may actually be time to move on.

Everyone grows in their career. Just as you got good at the things you learned at entry-level and moved up the career chain, you’ve gotten good at what you do today and are ready to move on. If the company you’re with doesn’t have in-line career training, open positions at a higher level, or aren’t open to expanding the position you hold now to more varied and interesting duties, then it may truly be time to find a new employer who will support your progress. Some companies are too small to provide ample opportunities, some are stuck in their own ruts. The right place for you is an employer who is enthusiastic about any employee who wants to advance their career and has a place for someone with your growing skills and ambitious engagement.

Work doesn’t have to be boring. You loved your job once and can do so again, whether it’s by waking yourself up from a repetitive routine, seeking new opportunities inside your current job, or finding a new employer who will support your professional growth. When you’re ready to look for a new opportunity or if you’d like more insights on knowing how to make a change, contact us today!