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7 Qualities to Look for When You Hire Someone for an Accounting Position


What are the qualifications you should look for when you’re trying to fill an accounting position? Obviously, this is a very responsible position because the person filling it will be in charge of monetary transactions all day long. They’ll need to keep track of where money has to be collected from, and they’ll need to collect it. They may have to do payroll for all the workers in the company. They may also need to make payments for things that were purchased by the company. Plus, normal overheads such as rent, electric etc. will also fall within their purview. So here are some qualifications you should look for in someone to fill an accounting position:

1. Educational Qualifications

If you’re just looking for someone to fill an entry level accounting position, then a bachelor’s degree in the field is enough. But if you’re looking for someone to fill a higher level position, you might want to go with someone who has a master’s degree. In addition, it’s preferable to have someone who has taken the CPA exam, although this is not required in each and every state.

2. Work Experience

The more work experience a person has, the better. But if you’re just looking for someone to fill an entry-level position, then a couple of years of experience should be enough. And if the person is motivated, you can just get someone who has had an internship rather than any work experience.

3. Communication Skills

It’s a stereotype that accountants are constantly at their computers and don’t have any communication skills. The fact is that different accountants are different. Some may be very communicative while others are not. It’s obviously better to go with someone who has good communication skills so that they will be able to speak to your customers and the people within the company.

4. Reliability

Since accountants are working with money all day long, they have to be reliable. And it can be hard to figure out who is reliable and who isn’t. If the candidate comes recommended by someone you know, that’s one way of gauging their reliability. Another way to do so is by asking for references and finding out what previous employers have to say about that candidate. Plus, of course, you will be running regular background checks. And that will help you to find out if the candidate has anything questionable in their background.

5. Professionalism

This is, of course, something that you would want to have in any candidate. The candidate should dress professionally and speak professionally. Both are really important when you’re dealing with clients or business associates. The candidate should be assertive when needed without being aggressive. Overall, they should make a positive impression on clients and associates.

6. Growth

It’s important to think about whether you can see that candidate growing and developing within the company, especially if you’re hiring them for an entry-level position. Is that candidate interested in working for a company such as yours? Do you think they will stay for the long term and develop within your company? It’s important to hire candidates who will stay with you for a while instead of leaving within six months for something they consider better.

7. Company Culture

Do you think that the candidate will fit in with your company culture? You have to consider what type of company culture you’ve been encouraging and whether that person is also used to the same thing. If you have a friendly, outgoing company culture, then you need to hire someone who has those characteristics. And if your company culture is all about customer service and customer success, then you need someone who feels the same way about adding value to the life of the customer.

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