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As part of the job search process, you will need to write a thank you note.


​It’s important to finish what you start and make the best impression possible. ​It could lead to the best opportunity of your life.

You show the interviewer courtesy and respect.​

We are in a very busy world and don’t acknowledge each other’s time as frequently as we should. You have the opportunity to emphasize your strong interest in the company and be appreciative of the interviewer’s time. A little bit goes a long way here.​

Your credibility, professionalism, and communication style are reinforced.​

The interviewer will see how you handle yourself in written communication as you will be using similar skills every day in your job. You can demonstrate the communication skills you undoubtedly discussed in the interview and show your proficiency in this area.​

You automatically stand out.​

Few people take the time to write a handwritten note or even a follow-up email. A note of thanks will allow you to shine amongst all other candidates.​

You can make points you forgot to highlight in your interview.​

Sometimes a candidate will leave an interview thinking about something they didn’t mention or something they could have explained better. A thank you note will provide clarity on what you will uniquely bring to the position.​

Writing a thank-you letter after an interview isn’t difficult or time-consuming. ​Be sure to follow through and finish strong on the same day as your interview. ​It will make a bigger difference than you might think—and can even be the ​difference between the job going to you or someone else.

Learn how to write a thank you letter.