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Be Sure to Ask These 3 Questions Before Hiring a Temporary Employee


Hiring for temporary employment has seen a staggering rise in the past few years, and this is certainly for good reason. Temporary positions allow both the employer and employees a chance to feel each other out with minimal commitment, or can simply help to bolster your ranks for particularly hectic parts of the year.  There are certainly mandatory questions to ask before hiring a temporary employee. Three in particular stick out to us.

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Why Are You Interested In This Temporary Position?

This question is the simplest way to find out exactly what the employee is expecting going into the job. Are they hoping to make a transition to a permanent position or just trying to fill in a fiscal gap caused by seasonal circumstances? This can also help you figure out how dedicated a temporary employee is going to be to their duties.

Describe Yourself In A Few Words.

While this one can put a potential employee on the spot, it allows you to see how they perform under pressure,and how they will fit in with your company. They may be temporary, but during their time with you they still need to fit in. This question allows you to find out how well they can work with your existing staff, and where you should place them.

Do You Prefer Group Or Solo Work?

For similar reasons to those mentioned above, we feel it’s imperative to know exactly how well this temp will fit in with the type of worker you’re looking for. An employee that is more of an asset working solo might not be what you’re looking for, or it might be just the right fit.

We feel that these are the essential questions to ask before hiring a temporary employee, and the quickest route to knowing if a potential employee is right for you.