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Partnering With Your Boutique Staffing Agency


Working with a boutique staffing agency means you must maintain solid communication between both parties. If communication fails, then you won’t get what you need. The way to improve communication with your staffing agency is to provide better feedback. When you do this, you set them up to succeed, which, in turn, makes your business a winner too. Here are 7 tips on how to better communicate with your staffing agency.


Practice transparency from the start

The goal of the agency is to help you obtain exactly you need but this isn’t possible without complete transparency. You need to communicate just what you expect from your agency right from the beginning. If something is not going in the right direction or you are unhappy with a selection, it’s important to step in and say something – the sooner the better so that you can get back on track.


Explain “why” not “what” about issues you have

If you an employee or temp doesn’t quite “click” with your business culture, it’s important to define what the exact problem is. Instead of simply saying you need a change, tell the agency why you think that person didn’t work out. That way they will better understand your business needs in the future.


Keep the dialogue going

Ultimately, making your business hum with the right employees is a joint effort. It’s a collaborative work in action. Both the agency and your business have an important role to play and this can only be accomplished through two-way communication and feedback. As you provide information about your goals, the agency can implement the strategy. It’s crucial that each side provide feedback to one another. This keeps the dialogue open so that the best solution is achieved.


Ensure you are clear with the job description

You may provide what you feel is a clear job description, but it may not be as clear on the other end. The only way to know is to ask for clarity about it. Have the agency tell you how they interpret it. Ask questions and let them ask you questions. This helps create an open environment, which fosters best results.


Be specific about your needs

When giving the agency direction as to what your business needs, be sure you are specific. Don’t generalize. If certain personal characteristics are important to do the job you have in mind, the spell it out. This will help the agency find solutions that will bring a positive outcome for your business.


Prepare for meetings

At some point, you will probably have a meeting with the agency (whether in person or otherwise). Come prepared for the meeting with what your company goals, mission, and needs are. Take time beforehand to look at what the agency has accomplished so far so that you can provide relevant feedback.


Identify what works

Sometimes it’s human nature to overlook the positive or take it for granted. However, it’s important to take note of the positive by pointing it out. Try to put your finger on what the agency is doing right that you like because this helps the agency understand what is working. They can then implement similar ideas and strategies when working with your business.


At San Diego Pro Staffing Boutique Recruiting, we are dedicated to having a relationship with our clients. We realize the importance of getting it right when it comes to providing our customers with the best service. That’s why we are committed to ongoing, open dialogue that keeps things open and authentic. Are you ready to enter into a partnership with a staffing agency? If so, connect with us today for more information.