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Companies Enjoy the Advantages of Using Staffing Firms in San Diego


Staffing firms are becoming popular among companies. There are many advantages from the use of staffing firms in San Diego. There are several aspects of a business that staffing firms can affect in a positive way. Following, are the most common benefits.


Decrease in Bad Hires


According to a recent Dice article, “The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.” This turnover rate costs companies thousands of dollars. Staffing firms can significantly reduce this cycle. Firms have a large candidate pool. Staffing firms are successful in matching the right skill set with a company’s unique needs. This is done through thorough interviewing, training and testing. Your company can communicate with a staffing firm exactly what skills and personality best fit your company’s culture.


Save Money


Staffing firms can save your company thousands of dollars. Below, are the main areas of business a firm can save you dollars.


  • Finding Right Applicants: Finding qualified applicants is an expensive process. Classified ads are not the only expense during a candidate search. Your company will spend hours on filtering resumes, testing skills, checking references and conducting interviews. Staffing firms take this process out of the equation. Their candidates have previously been screened. They conduct the background checks, drug screening, reference verification and interviewing. This eliminates valuable time and money that can be better used in enhancing your business. Spend that money on marketing or customer satisfaction.
  • Company Benefits: According to, “The costs for basic salary, employment taxes and benefits, are typically in the 1.25 to 1.4 times base salary range. This means that a $50,000 employee salary might really cost the company $62,500 to $70,000.” This is a very large expense for a company. By using a staffing firm, you can carry temporary employees during smaller projects. This avoids paying benefits. Along those same lines, there are many companies that have slower sections of the year. Using temps, allows you to avoid having to staff a permanent employee during slow times. In addition, you do not have to worry about paid time off.
  • Layoffs: In some instances, layoffs are required due to overstaffing. When an employee is laid off they usually receive some sort of severance package. With the proper use, a staffing firm can assist in hiring the correct number of staff throughout the year.




Not every employee gives notice when he/she decides to leave a company. Without notice, there will be a lapse of time where you may be understaffed. This can cause a decrease in productivity while finding a replacement and training them. Staffing firms already have a qualified replacement ready to go.


Quality: Staffing firms are strict with the candidates they keep in their pool. They only maintain the most qualified, trained and knowledgeable people. This benefits both the company and the firm. The firm is held accountable for all placements. Therefore, they find the most compatible candidate for the company in need.


Employee Satisfaction


Everything that has been discussed can affect employee satisfaction. When a bad hire does not fit in with the company’s mission or culture, they more than likely will bump heads with your current employees. Furthermore, when your companyis understaffed, it puts more pressure on the others to cover that person’s responsibility. This can easily cause stress and resentment.


Staffing firms in San Diego can benefit any company, big or small. The advantages are undeniable. When used properly, staffing firms can increase company productivity, decrease expenses and boost company morale. If you are interested in learning more about placements and plans for your business, contact us for a meeting.