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Direct vs. Temporary Hires: 3 Important Factors to Consider


If your business is looking for quality employees, you may be wondering whether your focus should be on temporary employees or on direct hires. Consider these three important factors which play a role in whether you should focus on direct vs. temporary hires:

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What is the timeline for your task?

If the task or project in question is of a temporary nature, it makes the most sense to hire a temporary employee. This process is made easier by a temporary employment agency, who will likely already have a qualified candidate for your position – saving you the time and trouble of searching for candidates yourself.

Does employee loyalty matter?

If it’s important that the employee you hire exhibits loyalty and dedication to your company, then a direct hire is the better way to go. Direct hires are more likely to seek long-term employment and will exhibit more loyalty than many temporary employees. A temporary worker knows that they will only be with the organization for a set period of time and is less likely to do anything other than exactly what they’re required to do. A direct hire, on the other hand, will go out of their way to exceed expectations

How will you be affected financially?

There are various financial considerations to take into account when deciding between direct vs. temporary hires. On the surface, temporary hires will likely be paid at a lower rate than direct hires, and of course for a shorter amount of time. This may seem like a big savings. There is also savings to be had since all payroll and time sheets are processed by the employment agency, freeing up your personnel.

However, keep in mind that temporary employees may not work out for any number of reasons, which will result in lost productivity and possibly in lost revenue while another worker is secured. Cyclical businesses, such as accounting firms, may also lose revenue if they rely on temporary workers at peak times of the year only to find that there’s a shortage of experienced temporary hires looking for employment.

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