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Tips for Finding the Best San Diego Boutique Staffing Agency


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job unemployment rate dropped down to 4.7 percent. Last year around this time, the job unemployment rate was 5.0 percent. In addition, 211,000 new jobs were added in April of this year. What does this all mean? It is good news for workers who have more options for finding work, but it can be problematic for businesses. More job opportunities for employees means the best talent will have their choice of work leaving businesses scrambling to find top talent. Some businesses are turning to a San Diego boutique staffing agency to fill the needed positions. While this option is beneficial for companies, it is important to connect with the right agency. What are some characteristics of the ideal staffing partner? Here are 5 qualities to look for when searching for a boutique staffing agency.


When searching for the perfect staffing partner, you want to make sure the agency is committed to your company. An agency that has a long history of close relationships with its companies is a good start. You don’t want an agency that is just looking for a quick client and does not take a deep interest in ensuring your needs are met. A partner committed to your long-time success is best.


Although it is convenient to begin the process or review companies online, you want to have actual communication with the agency representative. Whether it be on the phone or face to face, talking in person will establish the beginning of vital communications. By communicating directly you can determine if the relationship is worth pursuing. An agency representative that enquires in depth about the nature of your business is a place that has your best interests at heart. Find a rep who takes the time to find out the inner workings of your business and asks what your short-term and long-range goals are. They may ask financial questions as well.

Offers options

Another important characteristic to look for is the offering of options for your employment needs. For example, you may need a fill-in while someone is away on vacation. Or maybe an employee has an unexpected extended medical problem that will last several weeks. The unexpected nature of the issue means you need someone right away. You want to already be connected with a reputable agency when this happens. Some businesses may want a contract-to-permanent hire. This means they want to try out a temp to see how they will fill the need and then move to hire them. It is convenient to have a staffing partner that can offer you options from a large pool of talented employees. Finally, a business may be simply looking for a permanent person right away. They don’t want to go through the process of getting a temp but rather would like permanent options from the start. Whatever your company’s need may be, it is helpful to have an agency that can handle all three requests.

Bonus services

Although your main goal is to find an employee, sometimes that requires added services. Some of these services include such things like background checks, references verification, skills testing, personality testing, and online training. Finding an agency that can provide these additional services is a real bonus.

Replacement guarantee

You will want to check with the prospective agency about their replacement policy. Of course, a good agency will likely find you the appropriate person, but you still need to know your course of action if things don’t work out. Does the agency allow for a replacement? If so, how many days do you have to ensure the new hire is the right match for your business?

Finding the right agency is important to the success of your company. At San Diego Pro Staffing, we are committed to getting it right and making partners for life. Contact us for more information today!