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Get Your Dream Job Using These 5 Interview Tips


A lot of information is attained during an interview, much more than is provided in your resume. The key to standing out at your next interview and getting the job of your dreams is to be prepared. This takes careful planning and follow through during the three steps of the interview process.

Get Your Dream Job Using These 5 Interview Tips
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The following five interview tips will help you glide through the phases of interviewing:

Prior to the meeting:

Know the answers – Start by thoroughly researching the company you will be interviewing with. Keep in mind that recruiters pick up on how proactive you are based on the information you know about the company. Also, search for the most commonly asked interview questions and be prepared to answer them. Lastly, know your resume like the back of your hand.

During the interview:

Be prepared – Wake up early and create a checklist of all the things you will need, including copies of your resume, an appropriate portfolio and pen to take notes with. Also, check that your clothing is appropriate for the place you are interviewing at and it is neatly ironed.

Arrive on time – If the route you will be taking is notorious being backed up with traffic, then leave your home earlier and give yourself a buffer. However, you should walk in approximately 5 – 10 minutes before the appointment, anything earlier may be an inconvenience.

Stay calm – If you tend to be jittery, take a few minutes before going to the interview to meditate or drink a cup of tea if possible. It’s best to stay away from coffee. You want to be focused on the questions being asked.

After the interview:

Follow up – This is one of our most important interview tips since most people tend to forget. A short email thanking them for their time and reinstating interest in the position is more than enough.

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