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Growing Temp Economy Means Excellent Candidates For Your Open Positions


The growing temp economy offers employers a vast array of qualified workers to fill positions within their companies. As the economy continues to recover, the temporary job market continues to see drastic growth. According to CareerBuilder, temporary roles have increased 57% since 2009, and are projected to rise another 13% by 2019. Nearly 3 million people are currently employed in a temporary position. The fact that temporary employment continues to grow even as the economy recovers shows that employees embrace the temporary position.


Why the continuous growth in temporary employment? According to Forbes, temporary work offers benefits across the board. More than a third of American companies are now employing a smaller staff than they were before the recession. The employees they are hiring need to be stellar workers, and extremely talented and productive to carry the work load that used to be distributed among more employees. Finding candidates of this caliber is time-consuming, and it can bevery difficult for those with smaller human resource departments. The temporary candidate kills two birds with one stone-it offers employers the opportunity to obtain top-notch talent without having to go through the hiring process (which saves time) and it fills a position and gets the job done without having to worry about benefits and healthcare for the employee (which saves money). It’s a no-brainer, right?


Employers are not the only ones benefiting from temporary employment. Temporary positions also hold many benefits for the employees. Temporary jobs allow employees to test their skills in different positions, and really find their niche-all the while gaining a wide range of experience and developing new skills that will look good on a resume. Once an employee finds a job they love, there is a good chance it can become permanent. Temporary jobs also ensure that an employee doesn’t acquire massive gaps in their resume (which can look unfavorable when trying to find permanent work), creates an opportunity to build professional networks, creates new references, and allows them to be excited about each job without the anxiety of long-term expectations.


Many industries are experiencing growth within the temporary job market, from manufacturing and transportation, to computer developers, to healthcare services. Here are some of the top contenders for projected growth in the finance industry over the next few years:


Accountants and Auditors

# of jobs as of 2014: 11,130

projected # for 2019: 12,654


Management Analysts

# of jobs as of 2014: 10,923

projected # for 2019: 12,418


Customer Service Representatives

# of jobs as of 2014: 88,610

projected # for 2019: 100,642


Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

# of jobs as of 2014: 68,486

projected # for 2019: 77,660


If one were to glance at a list of open positions within an organization, they are most often the hardest positions to fill-meaning they require an employee with a specific skill set that is difficult to find. Human resource departments can spend an agonizing amount of time rifling through resumes to find the perfect candidates for these jobs, only to find that they are not the best fit after an interview. These organizations need help finding the talent required to fill these difficult positions, and that is why more and more are embracing the services of staffing agencies.


A seasoned temporary staffing agency employs many methods to find the best talent to fit your needs. They meet with you to determine exactly what skills you require to fill each position so they fully understand your needs. They use extensive screening and interviewing to understand each candidates strengths and weaknesses and match you with an ideal employee. Staffing agency recruits are especially convenient when attempting to fill a temp-to-permanent position-you are able to see what the employee has to offer and how they handle the position before determining whether or not you want them to become a permanent part of your organization. The situation is just as beneficial for employees, as they are able to gauge the performance expected from an organization and determine if they are comfortable with the job and the atmosphere.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and find the perfect candidates for your open positions today.