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Consider Hiring a Staffing Firm to Fill Openings at Your Company


Recent surveys suggest that as many as 90% of growing businesses now use staffing firms to fill both temporary and permanent vacancies in their company. However, if you still directly hire employees for your business, you may be wondering why this shift has begun in the industry. Is hiring through a staffing firm really that beneficial? Many business owners have found that hiring through a staffing agency makes the hiring process smoother, easier, and more affordable overall. Thusly, if you have not previously considered contracting a staffing firm to take care of your business’s hiring needs, here are a few of the reasons to consider doing so.

Time and Resources

One of the hardest parts of filling vacancies in a business, particularly for smaller companies, is that finding suitable candidates can be quite difficult. Advertising open positions, vetting potential employees, and conducting interviews all take valuable time for your business, and can cost a great deal of money. Additionally, without access to the right resources, it can be difficult for smaller businesses to even market open positions. This is where a staffing firm can help. They have the expertise to quickly and efficiently find candidates for your position(s), and with their streamlined hiring process and marketing strategies, they can actually lower your new employee overhead, saving you money.

Access to a Better Talent Pool

In addition to making the hiring process easier and more affordable, a staffing firm can also connect you with better candidates that will best suit your company. This again comes back to resources. Many businesses do not have the resources and connections to reach out to the best people for their opening, which can lead to high employee turnover rates if a company and their new employee are not a match. Staffing firms, however, have the connections to reach out to, and vet, a wide variety of potential new hires. This increases the likelihood that you will find the perfect match to meet your business’s needs, which can help to increase productivity, and further lower new employee overhead by lowering turnover rates.

Try Out Potential Employees

Another advantage hiring through a staffing firm provides is that many staffing firms contract employees to businesses on a temporary, or temp-to-hire, basis. This not only makes it easy for small businesses to hire extra help to fill short-term needs during busy seasons or when someone is out on leave, but also, this allows companies to see whether or not new hires are a good fit before hiring them. Instead of making a long-term commitment by bringing on a permanent employee, you can choose to hire a temporary employee, and after training them and testing their abilities, you can then decide whether or not to hire them. This can be beneficial as, if things do not work out, it is easy to let a temporary employee go. Additionally, many staffing firms offer a guarantee on their candidates, lessening the risks involved in hiring new employees. However, the majority of businesses who work with staffing firms choose to keep the candidate they are sent, which is a result of staffing firm’s superior hiring processes.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to contract a staffing firm for their business’s hiring needs, only a few of which we have touched upon here. From quickly providing you with temporary reinforcements for your business, to making the entire hiring process easier and more affordable, having a staffing firm partnered with your business can provide you with many benefits. Contact us to learn more of the benefits staffing firms provide, as well as to learn about how we can help you with your company’s staffing needs.