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How Long Should I Wait to Follow Up After an Interview?


After acing an interview, waiting to hear back from the hiring manager can be challenging. Although you want to be extended a job offer, you don’t want to bother the manager with multiple phone calls to see whether they made a hiring decision. Doing so typically will take you out of the running. Instead, learn when appropriate times are to follow up and respond accordingly. 

Here are some appropriate times to follow up after a job interview.  

Send a ThankYou Email Within 48 Hours 

Email a thank-you note to each interviewer within 48 hours of talking with them. Express your appreciation and enthusiasm for their time. Highlight your qualifications and reasons for wanting the position. Mention details you might not have been able to during the interview.  

Call After the Hiring Deadline 

A day or two after the deadline passes for making a hiring decision, call the hiring manager to see whether they extended a job offer. If not, you may still be in the running. The interviewers may have had to meet with additional candidates, not had time to get together to make a final decision, or decided to continue looking for additional qualifications. Perhaps one interviewer went away on vacation, a big project unexpectedly took away the focus on hiring, or there were budget cuts that don’t allow for a new position right now. Following up helps you understand where you’re at in the recruiting process what needs to be done before a final decision is made.  

Email After an Additional Week 

If you don’t hear back from the hiring manager, wait a week before sending a follow-up email. Restate your gratitude for being considered for the role. Ask what the timeline is for making a final decision. Thank the hiring manager for their time. Keep in mind that things may have come up to delay the decision process, the hiring manager has other responsibilities that take up time, and you need to be patient. 

Continue Your Job Search 

If you still don’t hear back from the hiring manager, continue your job search. You may come across an even better opportunity than the one you interviewed for. If you happen to be offered the previous position, you could have the luxury of choosing between two jobs. This may help you negotiate an even better salary and benefits package than before. 

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