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How Temp Services Could Help Your Future Career


Whether you are newly out of college, you are out of work due to a layoff, or you are otherwise looking for a job, if you are like some people, you might be avoiding looking in into temp services. Some candidates avoid such services, mostly because they do not want to have to look for work again once a temporary position is over. If you fall into that field, you might be making a mistake by avoiding a temporary job. According to an article on Examiner, by 2020, it is estimatedapproximately half of all jobs will be short-term contract, temporary assignments, or freelance work. Instead of temporary jobs being something to avoid, it should be something many job seekers come to embrace and even expect.

Wise Investment

A recent AOL Jobs article emphasized the benefits of working at more than one job during your career. This article talks about how switching jobs can actually be a wise investment in your future, as it allows you to see what types of work you do and do not enjoy. Working for different companies also allows the person to gain greater knowledge about a particular field or even about different career fields. While broadening their knowledge, the person is also expanding their professional contacts, which then allows the person better networking skills.

More Marketable

While staying in a job only for a short time might be discouraging, especially if friends and family members have permanent jobs, it is important to focus on what you are accomplishing if you take on short-term or temporary positions for a time. Each skill you gain makes you more marketable as a job candidate. While your friend may stay in the same job for years, if at one point you both need to seek work, you will have diverse skills and knowledge, thanks to working for several companies, but your friend will only have the skills obtained in the one position. This makes your friend’s job prospects fit into a narrower market.

Leads to Permanent Work

Of course, one of the best reasons to consider a temporary job is that it might turn out to be something more. What starts out as temporary work might turn into a full-time job. Even if that specific job does not turn into full-time work, the company may find they like and even need your work ethics, skills, and knowledge. You could be hired for another position within that same company. This could happen right away, or it might happen several months down the road. Getting your foot in the door will allow you to be a name and face they will remember if they do have a permanent opening, especially if you express an interest in being told about future permanent job openings within the company.

Even if you do not get a position within that same company, good work ethic might lead someone within that company to suggest you as a potential candidate to a business associate. Even just the prospect of having a great letter of reference for a future job is worth the time you put into a temporary job.

If you are looking for a new job, never be afraid to accept a temporary position. You never know where it might lead. If you are currently searching for work, whether temporary or long-term, contact us. We help place candidates in a variety of job fields in and around San Diego. We place candidates in temporary positions, permanent positions, and temp to hire jobs. While the majority of the jobs are in finance, accounting, and administration, we do sometimes place candidates in other job positions.