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How to Recruit for Finance and Accounting Positions


At times, it is difficult to find the perfect employee to fill open finance and accounting positions. Many companies are faced with applicants that do not have the specific skills that are needed to be successful in these roles. This can be frustrating for hiring managers and those who are in charge of recruiting employees.


One of the great things about finance and accounting applicants in today’s day in age is that many of them are specialized in a certain area. This can help to make them stronger in certain fields than they are in others. However, this can be a struggle for companies that are looking to hire in these important roles.


Finding the right employee is crucial, not only for their success but also for the safety of the company. Finance and accounting are both highly regulated and it can be easy for an employee mistake to cause a great deal of issues for a company. For this reason, make sure that you follow these rules when you are recruiting for Finance and Accounting positions.


Look for Specific Experience


The best thing that you can do when you are searching for the right applicant is to review their industry experience. The best candidate will be the one that has experience that closely matches the opening that is present. Look for a candidate with a career path that closely imitates what you would expect to see in your own company. Understanding industry specifics is a crucial part of the success of any accounting or finance employee.


Performance is Important


Because the finance and accounting industry is so highly regulated, it is crucial that employees are able to provide exceptional value to a company. To determine if a candidate has this potential, be sure to review their track record from other positions that they have held. Inquire about their performance history when you speak with their references, especially when they participated with the audit process. When an employee makes a mistake in this field, quite a bit of money can be lost. Because of this, perfection is nearly a necessity.


Review their Education


Another important aspect that an accounting or finance candidate should have is the right education. Keep in mind that every business requires a different level of education. While one company may require a great deal of knowledge in general accounting principles, another may require someone with more knowledge regarding taxes. Before you even begin reviewing candidates it is best to review the exact education that will work best for the open position.


Tips for Narrowing down the Applicants


Finding the perfect candidate is sometimes difficult due to the number of applicants that are available. However, there are some ways that you can narrow down the number of applicants that do apply. To do so, follow these tips:


  • Create a detailed job description
  • Know what you are looking for
  • Work with a professional recruiter
  • Have better pay and benefits
  • Use your website and social media for recruiting


When you are interviewing a candidate, be sure that you develop questions that will allow you to see the person’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the open position. Instead of relying on a general set of interview questions, it is best to customize the questions around the position that you are hiring for.


Finding the best applicant to fill your accounting and finance position is difficult. It is also something that can take some time and a great deal of patience. However, by applying these items to the process that you go through, you will find that this process goes smoothly. To learn more about how you can improve the process that your company goes through to recruit for accounting and finance positions, be sure to contact us today.