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Identifying Who Benefits from a Temporary Staffing Agency


In an ideal world, everyone would have a stable job that they love. Every job would have the potential to last forever and every employer would have room for upward mobility for all of their valued employees. But the real world is a lot more dynamic. Employees sometimes leave at inconvenient times. Professionals often need work without the ability to commit indefinitely to a new position. And that is exactly where temporary staffing services come in. Temporary staffing fills a niche that provides for hundreds of gaps in employment. Both on the employer and employee side of things.

Today, we’re going to take a look at many of the different people who benefit from working with a temporary staffing agency.

Professionals Returning to the Workforce

Employers often hire long-term based on recent experience and an easy to understand resume. Anyone who took a long break from normal employment –whether it was to become a parent, join the military, or follow a spouse overseas– will likely have a hard time finding a fantastic full-time job during their first back-to-work job search.

A temporary staffing agency is a great way to make sure you get placed in a role that matches your skills. From here, your temporary work may evolve into a long-term position or become the recent work experience you need to land one through normal job search methods.

Contractors Between Big Jobs

Contractors, consultants, and freelancers often find themselves in situations of interesting timing. Especially if you tend to take on large multi-month projects with a client, it is absolutely possible to wrap up one project and then have a few months before your next scheduled project with a client.

Temporary staffing can keep contractors at work, sharpening their skills and earning a paycheck when it’s not safe to hunt around for a new contract to tide you over and you don’t want to dabble in small-fry contracts in between. You can even build a relationship with your temporary staffing agency so they know how to connect you with employers who can really use your skills in the interim. 

Young People Gathering Work Experience

It’s not always easy for college grads to start the career they want right out of the gate. Or young non-grads, for that matter.  But you don’t have to land a sweet paid internship or full-time position immediately. Temporary staffing has given thousands of young professionals their first few vital years of experience in an office environment. This can be your first step on the ladder out of teen retail jobs, allowing you to learn all the norms and expectations of working in an office and put together some great material for your resume and future job searches.

Professionals with Irregular Responsibilities

Some people are not actually available all year-round, but still want to work during the months when they are not otherwise occupied. Teachers, for example, only work their normal jobs during the school year and many seek temporary positions as admins and summer program teachers during the empty months. Someone who takes turns caring for an elderly relative or is needed during the summer for family childcare may have several months out of the year where they are available to work and temporary staffing is the way to do it.

People who travel can also benefit from temporary staffing. Especially if the move isn’t permanent, like following your spouse to another state while they handle the 6-month launch of a new location. While your spouse may be occupied, a temporary position is an ideal way to keep busy and continue contributing your paycheck to your shared household budget while you’re in the new city.

Businesses Who Need to Fill Temporary Roles

Then, of course, there are the businesses who need temporary roles filled. Many businesses go through a viciously busy season in which a temporarily larger workforce is not just appreciated, it’s absolutely necessary. These businesses often hire through a temporary staffing agency to find the skilled professionals they need.

But even businesses that don’t experience a work boom during part of the year can need temporary staffing. Let’s say a critical team member leaves for greener pastures halfway through a critical project. You need someone to fill their shoes fast AND time to find a long-term replacement for the role. A temp agency can put a skilled professional at the desk who is ready to contribute while you take the time for a long-term hire.

Temporary roles are an essential problem-solving key to the modern business world. Sometimes, people with great skills and abilities can’t commit to a permanent role, but they can dedicate their skills to a job for a few months. And when an employer really needs temporary professionals, there is no service more helpful than an agency that can connect you with the right professionals to get the job done. For more great info about temporary staffing, contact us today!