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Job Seekers, Consider These Six Tips for Using Social Media to Your Advantage


Today, virtually everyone uses some form of social media. Its uses are numerous and varied; some use it to share pictures and life updates, others use it to promote a product or service. But did you know you can– and should— use social media to aid in your job search? When used strategically, social media can help you land that finance job you’ve been looking for. Consider the following tips for effectively using social media as part of your job search:

Make your online presence professional. Have you ever conducted a simple Google search of your name? If not, do it now, because you can bet potential employers will be doing the same. Your online presence needs to be professional when you’re in the job market. Remove any less-than-professional images associated with your name. Update your LinkedIn and Twitter pages with a picture you’d be happy to share with a future manager; bonus points for a professional headshot.

Let your network know you’re looking. There’s power in numbers, so make sure to spread the news that you’re in the market for a new job. Update your Twitter and LinkedIn statuses to include what type of position you’re looking for and any other pertinent details. Include a link to your resume too. Don’t hesitate to let your Facebook friends know you’re looking, either; you never know if a friend or family member might have a connection to give you a foot in the door at that company you’ve been eyeing.

Be mindful of your privacy settings. Assume that every hiring manager you meet with will look up your social media accounts– because chances are, they will. So, if you do have an account you’d rather keep private, make sure it’s just that: private. Facebook, for example, is a social media platform that many people use to keep up with friends and family. If you’d rather a potential boss not have access to those pictures from last year’s class reunion, then double check your privacy settings.

Do your research. Potential employers aren’t the only ones who can use social media to gather information. Before an interview, look up the hiring managers you’ll be meeting with on LinkedIn and Twitter. Look for any common ground: are you from the same hometown? Do you share an alma mater? Knowing this information beforehand can help you make connections during the interview.

Include links on your resume. Gone are the days when your resume included your home address and telephone number at the top of the page. Now, it’s important to include links to your relevant social media profiles as part of your contact information. Which accounts should you include? LinkedIn is a no-brainer. You might also include a link to your Twitter handle. Not only do these links provide a wealth of information to a potential employer, they also show that you are technologically savvy. It’s best to avoid including Facebook, however, since that’s generally for private use.

Make the right connections. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, now’s the time to make one. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for job seekers. Try to connect with other people in your industry; join industry-related groups and look for mutual connections with influential people in your field. Follow hiring managers on Twitter. Retweet posts that are relevant or interesting.

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