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Keep an Eye on the Corporate Recruiting Trends That Will Affect the Job Market


Getting a job isn’t always an easy proposition, especially if you’re just getting out of school or you work in a fast-paced market where job titles and responsibilities seem to change overnight. However, staying up on corporate recruiting trends can help you find what employers want, so you can land the job you need. If you don’t stay up to date, you may be hunting for a job when you could be earning money doing something you love.

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  • Recruiters are looking more and more for people with narrow talents and very specialized training. While this is particularly true in the tech sector, many companies are even poaching candidates from other companies. Recruiters call these people passive candidates.
  • Individuals doing the hiring are paying more attention to a candidate’s social media profiles. They’re looking for people interested in their business and industry who already have a connection with others. This is an important hiring tool for many companies, so don’t undervalue the professional importance of your personal social media profiles.
  • Big companies are spending more time showing their real identity to potential applicants so they don’t need to weed as many out. For you, that means finding the right fit before applying. It also means that you need to be more open and honest with your application and explaining why you really want to work for a company and that you love their corporate culture may get you an interview, even when you otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Companies are building what they often refer to as ‘talent networks’ on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. These don’t just include job candidates, but instead, people who work in the industry. Many employers are starting to pull from this pool when it’s time to hire somebody new because they want candidates who are already plugged in and familiar with their company and industry.
  • Business looking to hire skilled employees are using staffing firms more to find the right candidates who will fit well.

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