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Need Accounting Help, Now? Top Talent Acquisition Strategies


Successful companies seem to have a “knack” for hiring great people. But look closely and you’ll see, even though it might look like luck, it’s not. There are some basic keys to hiring top talent in any field, and companies that are successful follow many of the same steps to find and hire those great people.


Here, some of the common top talent acquisition strategies our clients share:


Do You Have to Pay Top Dollar for Top Talent?


The answer to that question is “not always.” The key is to know your candidate.


Just as each employer has unique needs, jobs, and benefits, each candidate is looking for a situation – a job – that is uniquely suited to his or her current needs.


A CFO with a stunning resume may be burned out on those 85-hour weeks. A smaller company with reasonable hours, nodemanding board of directors, a shorter commute – and yes, a smaller compensation package – might be exactly what he’s looking for. It’s hard for a resume to get that message across to a potential employer, but a good recruiter can.


Timing is Everything


On the other hand, if you’re looking for experienced accounting personnel at the same time everyone else in San Diego is, you might find the hiring threshold is a little higher. The takeaway from savvy employers: know what the position is worth to your company, and work from there.


While the timing of your job offer certainly affects the amount you’ll need to land a good candidate, compensation isn’t about gaming the market. Depending on your business needs, you may be able to use temporary professionals in a particular position until you’re able to make a reasonable offer to the right permanent employee.


Save Time: Get the Job Description Right


The job description you used for your last hire may not be the best place to start with your next hire. Smart employers know they can’t find the “perfect” person unless they know just what they’re looking for in their next hire.


Obviously, there’s a big difference between job descriptions for a Quickbooks pro and a CPA. But beyond that, even “apples to apples” descriptions need a thorough review before making a good job posting.


Regardless of how old it is, there may have been important changes in the position since you wrote the job description. What has changed in your company since then? Have new employees been hired, new clients signed on, or have processes changed?


And – this is no time to overlook the obvious – how did that job description work out for you last time? If you find yourself in need of new accounting team members every six- to 12 months, maybe that job description isn’t doing the job for you. (In other words, there’s a reason for your turnover.)


To test your job description, consider this two-step process:


First, ask some of your current (happy) employees to review it. They needn’t all be in the accounting department, but ideally they will be employees who interact with the described position. Then, request feedback from an outsider. If he or she cannot explain just what you’re looking for in your next hire, go back to the drawing board.


Don’t Hire in Haste


Finally, before you start interviewing, make sure you’ve thoroughly considered this question: Is now really a good time to add to your permanent staff?


Experienced hiring managers know that adding permanent employees to the payroll isn’t always the smartest move. Determine your actual needs before making your hiring plans to do the right thing for your business, and for your employees. Contracting is often a prudent, and very productive, option.


If you are in need of additional accounting staffers – NOW! – but are not sure how long your need may last, contact us. San Diego Pro Staffing is a boutique staffing and recruiting firm that has provided specialized recruiting services for more than a decade. We meet each client and personally interview each candidate to ensure a good match between accounting professionals and the businesses that need them.


And we understand that when you need help in your accounting department, time is of the essence. We respect your time, and the hiring process. Our clients have told us that we strike the right balance between meeting their immediate needs with finding the right candidates for the long term.


When you have an accounting need, please let us know how we can help you.