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An Overview of Recruiting for Finance and Accounting Temp Jobs


Research on employment application statistics shows that sometimes less than one percent of job hunters successfully get hired. Securing gainful employment consumes the time, money and energy of both the company and job seeker, but there are fortunately staffing firms and placement agencies that facilitate and streamline the process.

Finance and Accounting Jobs

Finance and accounting recruiters work with medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies to find the right talent for the right job. Some of the most common jobs available for finance and accounting temps involve taxation, consulting, treasury and mergers and acquisitions. Specialty areas may include IFRS, auditing, CPA work, Sarbanes-Oxley, and year-end closing. Some of the unique job titles could include reconciliation, bookkeeping, finance support, and accounts payable specialist. Some accounting workers are also placed in legal, logistics, procurement, or human resources departments.

What Types of Positions are Available?

Most temporary placement agencies that offer finance and accounting jobs deal with three types of short-term positions. First, contract employees are used to providing employers with scheduling flexibility and staffing support for special projects or when key employees are on leave. Second, contract-to-permanent hires are sometimes available to high-performing temp workers who impress employers during their contractual time. Third, direct-hire placements are used to carefully screen and select the ideal match between clients and candidates.

What is the Hiring Experience Like?

The best temporary placement agencies focus on finding the exact person for the right position and company, so it can be a lengthy process. These agencies get to know their clients and candidates to identify ideal matches. Because they prioritize quality over quantity, candidates experience a more personal and proactive approach. Temporary placement agencies are usually committed to cultivating long-term relationships and partnerships, so they never just send unqualified candidates to fill slots or quotas.

Is There any Client Support?

Accounting and finance temporary placement agencies will ideally help their successful candidate begin and progress throughout their careers. For example, they may help new candidates with enhancing their resume or developing interview skills, but they may also help supervisors transition into mid-level management positions. Due to the fact that it takes more than just skills and experience to succeed, temporary placement agencies usually screen candidates to ensure they will fit into the business culture and embrace the organization’s values.

What is the Screening Process Like?

Staffing firms tend to follow proven practices and best methods. The screening and vetting process usually includes conducting needs analysis, understanding client requirements, researching candidates’ needs and using sophisticated tracking systems to identify the best candidates. The process may continue with evaluations, such as detailed interviews and reference checks, and formal presentations, which is usually through profile reports. These may contain information on the candidate’s technical, interpersonal, and team-building skills. The screening process usually concludes with negotiations and follow-up support.

What are the Qualifications?

There are always technical, educational, and experiential qualifications, but more and more employers want candidates to have better soft skills. For example, the scope of finance and accounting positions is expanding. Job candidates need strong business acumen to help develop strategies, make key decisions, and support various business functions. Job candidates should be prepared to demonstrate their leadership capabilities and potential. Companies want finance and accounting professionals who can adapt well to change, embrace continuous learning, generate fresh ideas, and eventually mentor other team members.

Staffing firms and placement agencies identify their candidates’ qualities, technical prowess, and interpersonal strengths in order to satisfy their client’s hiring needs and position requirements. Finance and accounting professionals who are ambitious, analytical, and adaptable should contact us today to find out which jobs are available in the best local companies.