Retained Search

For High-Level and Niche Positions

Technology will never replace headhunting. When you have an open position that is highly unique, niche, or tough to fill, you need a BTQ RETAINED SEARCH — a highly effective, proactive, and assertive approach that nails down your spot-on candidate.

We find the candidates, you can’t!

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Get your bulls-eye candidate!

Our proven process demonstrates results.

Our experience, deep network, and finesse to lure in A+ candidates are why we have been named as the top national headhunting firm.

Spot-On Candidates

Our innovative proprietary process is a unique blend of traditional face-to-face recruiting from highly trained and experienced headhunters along with cutting-edge technology driven sourcing. Our investment in resources and specialized tools to find the exact technical and cultural fit is unmatched by any retained search firm.

In-Depth Needs Analysis

Your initial intake call will be the most thorough meeting — our process is rooted in investigating and understanding your core business requirements. We conduct extensive research on your company and take the time to ask the right questions and provide a comprehensive consultation.

Fast Results

A retained search is more focused and targeted than a contingency search. “Time is money” — a swift and effective retained search is the ideal answer to time-sensitive staffing decisions.

Priority Status

You will receive an exclusive team of dedicated recruiters who are assigned to your role — specific to your niche and industry. Your open role takes precedence over any other open position in our company. Our team is available around the clock and the candidates you receive, will be presented to your company only. They are not considered for any other roles within our firm. When you work with us, it will be clear that you come first and that your open role is handled with extraordinary attention and a high level of importance.


We are confident that our quality of candidates will speak for themselves. We have an extensive guarantee for the candidates we bring forward. Rest assured, there is security in your investment with Boutique Recruiting. We look out for our clients to make sure they are taken care of during the search process and into the future.


Your complete confidentiality is maintained when you work with us. We keep the search process highly discrete and your information will not be posted or shared with the public. This can be important when filling a high-profile role or when the you are trying to avoid disrupting operations.

Competitive Advantage

From our market research, extensive network, and years of experience, we serve as your recruiting consulting arm. We ensure that competitive labor strategies, (salary benchmarks, compensation, bonus structures, perks, and benefits) are in-place that put you in a leading position.

Quality Over Quantity

While it is easy for candidates to click a button to apply for any job, this will result in you sifting through hundreds of applicants - the time required to review all of their backgrounds will result in applicant quality crisis. Quantity of response doesn’t equate to the quality of applicable candidates you need in order to make your ideal hire.

Boutique Recruiting

5-Star Reviews from Our Clients & Candidates

Retained Search
for High-Level or
Niche Positions

Get your bullseye candidate!


We produce a top list — the most highly qualified candidates possible, who are challenging to find and contact.

We do this by identifying and engaging candidates who are not on the market. The best candidates are not sifting through job boards. The top talent that you are looking for is working, busy at their current jobs, and advancing their careers. They are highly sought-after professionals who are not active in the market. This hard to reach bracket of talent is what companies are seeking — and exactly who we are connected to and who will we will put in front of you.

Our fee is 50% upfront, with a non-refundable down payment to initiate the search. This provides you up to 12 candidates within a 3-month period. Please note, the typical placement will occur in about 3 weeks.

Our proven process demonstrates results. Our experience, deep network, and finesse to lure in A+ candidates are why we have been named as the top national headhunting firm.

Our recent awards include: 

  • Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies
  • Staffing Industry Analysts Fastest Growing US Staffing Firm
  • Top Placement Firm by Business Journals

BTQ Retained Search takes the weight off of your hiring team.

The candidates we put forth are the exact technical and cultural fit. The hand-selected candidates that we send to you, will be the ones you have been looking for!

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