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Six Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s Staffing Needs


Human Resource professionals and hiring managers alike know that a crucial part of a successful business is a highly selective hiring process. Hiring the right employees not only increases employee retention, it also boosts employee morale and production. However, highly selective hiring is often a time-consuming process, making it a challenge for already busy HR staff and department managers. Thus, increasingly more companies– across all industries– are outsourcing their staffing needs. If you’re hesitant to forego traditional hiring methods or simply have never thought about using a staffing company for your organization’s hiring needs, consider the following six benefits of outsourced staffing:


Flexibility. Most businesses have certain times of year that are busier than the rest. During these times, employees have dramatically increased workloads, making it difficult for everyone to accomplish necessary tasks in an optimal manner. However, if your company’s busiest time of year only lasts several weeks or a few months, hiring a permanent employee likely doesn’t make good business sense. Your staffing company can provide you with a temporary employee to help ease the burden of your increased workload for a designated amount of time, without the worry of continuous employment.


Time-saving. Highly selective hiring is a time-consuming process. When recruiting for an open position, a hiring manager first has to advertise for the job and then prepare to manage the influx of resumes that inevitably follows. In fact, for a single open position, a hiring manager might have a couple hundred resumes to sift through. The hiring process doesn’t end there, however. The manager must then coordinate and conduct interviews, check references, and complete drug screens and background checks. For a busy hiring manager with other responsibilities on his plate, this process is often overwhelming. Outsourcing staffing needs saves hiring managers and HR staff valuable time to focus on their other job responsibilities by allowing an experienced recruiter to weed out resumes and present them only with top talent who have successfully completed the screening process.


Money-saving. All successful businesses look for the most cost-efficient ways to complete essential tasks. Hiring is no exception. Of course, outsourcing staffing needs isn’t a free process, but it’s often much less expensive than the costs associated with traditional hiring methods.


Top-notch talent. Staffing company recruiters’ primary job responsibility is to locate top talent for your open position. They can focus exclusively on recruiting, interviewing, screening, and vetting quality candidates– a luxury often not afforded to busy hiring managers. Thus, outsourced staffing typically results in increased candidate quality– which then leads to a boost in productivity, morale, and employee retention for your organization.


Reduce legal risks. Laws and regulations related to hiring and employment are continuously added, changed, and updated. Keeping updated on these adjustments is often challenging for hiring managers and HR staff. Staffing companies, however, have a responsibility to stay on top of the latest law and regulation changes. Outsourcing recruiting and hiring to a staffing company, then, can help mitigate potential legal risk for your company.


Lower healthcare costs. High-risk employees and expensive insurance plans often go hand in hand. Transferring employees to a staffing company’s payroll can help to reduce your company’s healthcare costs. Additionally– depending on your company’s employee headcount– moving employees to your staffing company’s payroll can make your organization eligible for small business tax breaks under the Affordable Care Act.


Are you ready to reap the benefits of outsourcing your organization’s staffing needs? Allow us to help you. We are a boutique staffing firm that specializes in accounting, finance, and administrative positions. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business flourish by locating top talent for your team.