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Six Characteristics You Should Look For in the Ideal Staffing Company



Increasingly more businesses– across all industries– are recognizing the value of working with staffing companies to handle hiring needs. After all, partnering with a staffing company offers many benefits to employers, including saving the organization valuable time and money. Less clear, however, is how to choose the right staffing company for your organization. Because the hiring process is a vital component of any organization’s livelihood, ensuring that the staffing company you partner with has your company’s best interest at heart is key. Consider the following characteristics you should look for in a staffing company:

Transparency. All staffing companies have fees associated with their services. What’s important to consider, then, is exactly what you’re getting from the staffing company for the designated fee. A good staffing company will be completely transparent with you, breaking down for you exactly what their fees include. They should let you know if they conduct background checks (and what information these checks include), credit checks, drug screens, education verification, and reference checks as part of their vetting process.

Depth. You want to work with a staffing company that has some depth to their recruiting process. Simply put, you want to avoid companies that merely post an open position on their website and hope for the best. Look for a staffing company that is actively involved in the recruiting process. What sources do they use to locate top-notch candidates? Do they take advantage of social media or limit themselves to job boards? Do they know how to recruit both active and passive candidates?

Attention to detail. No two open positions are exactly the same and you want to work with a staffing company who’s aware of the intricacies each individual position possesses. Thus, the ideal staffing company will take the necessary time to get a detailed job order from you and will ask the right questions to help identify the best possible match. The best staffing companies will often send a recruiter on-site to get a feel for your company’s culture and the working environment before beginning the recruiting process.

Longevity. Look for a staffing company filled with seasoned recruiters instead of one that seems to have a new recruiter every six months. The reason for this is two-fold: first, seasoned recruiters are experts at finding top talent. Additionally, it’s refreshing to know that when you need help, you can count on the same recruiters who you’ve developed a relationship with and who know your business inside and out. The goal, after all, is to form a long-term staffing relationship.

Knowledgeable. You might find a reputable staffing company filled with seasoned recruiters, but if they specialize in manufacturing positions, they’re not likely to be the best match for your accounting firm. Many staffing companies specialize in certain industries, which means they have a unique understanding of that particular industry. You want to work with a staffing company that’s knowledgeable about your industry; otherwise, you’re at risk of having an influx of employees who don’t truly understand your business.

Authenticity. It’s important to know that your staffing company truly has your company’s best interest at heart. How can youknow for sure? First of all, the recruiters take time to get to know you personally. They also make sure they have a deep understanding of your company, including the working environment, dress code, company culture, and any other factors that are unique to your organization. Then, they send over high quality candidates for your open positions– even temporary ones. They know you want the best of the best representing your company, and they staff your office accordingly. Finally, they follow-up with you. They check in regularly, they ask for feedback, and they correct any mistakes quickly.

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