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Small Business Hiring in the War for Talent – Pt 2


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Flexible Hour Policies

The next major change is the deviation from the strict 9-5 shift work mentality of modern offices and workplaces. Not only are employees bargaining harder for family-friendly hours and better parental leave, but they are also seeking remote positions or the option to work remotely a few days per week or month with good behavior. However, corporations dislike this flexibility and are dragging their heels providing what is being asked. If you’re willing to work with employees to build a schedule that provides for the needs of their children, other obligations, and personal time of day preferences, you can become one of the leading competitors in this category of employment perk.

Lunch Catering

Lunch catering has always been something that is primarily determined by company culture. Some businesses buy lunch for their employees and some do not. Some do it every day, or only on Fridays, or as a treat when the team hits certain quota goals. There is also a wide variation of how much influence employees might have over what their catered lunch might be. Some businesses stock the break room with ingredients instead. This is another area where small businesses can shine. Check your budget and consider a lunch catering plan that gives influence and consideration to each team member.

As a bonus tip: don’t forget to account for special diets and food allergies.

Wellness Programs

A continuous stream of studies over the last decade and more have proven that both seated and standing occupations have a number of health risks and young professionals care more about staying healthy. But rather than insist on massive healthcare plans, many professionals would rather take better care of themselves instead and employers are stepping up to the plate. Every business does their wellness program differently and examples of working tactics include an in-building gym or discounted memberships to a nearby gym, healthy lunch catering, company sports teams, rewards for working out, exercise-friendly landscaping, and group workout opportunities. Feel free to pick and choose what works for your business and team.

Green Business Practices

The green movement, once the territory of very niche groups, is on the rise. Not only is renewable energy a very popular trend but many professionals and consumers show a great deal of preference for businesses that take sustainability seriously in their business practices and the business partners they choose. Simply having a recycling program is a great place to start and the more green you can get, the better. Some easily affordable options include watering your landscaping with collected rainwater, using recycled office and break room supplies, and using potted plants as a pleasant form of air filtration. For a more drastic change, consider solar panels for which you can get 30% back in tax credits.

Involvement in Charity

Finally, today’s workforce is increasingly interested in company-wide charity, not just knowing that their CEO attends charity balls. This is where your small business can really shine. Because you are part of the local community, it’s easy to get your business and staff involved in enjoyable charity efforts. Become part of the Toys for Tots drive, let Girl Scouts sell cookies outside your venue, and talk to your staff about a few global charities they’d like your business to be a part of, even if it’s only with small donations.

Small businesses may not be able to offer impressive benefits packages, but the employment perks that today’s talent are looking for are not what they used to be. Simply by making your work environment and policies more inviting, flexible, and green, you can significantly boost your position as a competitive hiring force. For more hiring industry tips and professional advice on how to attract and retain the right talent for your small business, contact us today!