How to Recruit Retail Staff Who Work Like Professionals

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Employment in retail is very demanding but has not achieved the kind of prestige it deserves. Hiring from the pool of applicants for retail jobs is usually pretty unselective. Check out our philosophy. What kinds of people would be best qualified for working in retail? How should you recruit them? Retail is a very high turnover sector […]

Staffing Firms San Diego: How to Assess Someone for an Entry-Level Position

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Entry-Level Positions Some managers feel that assessing someone for an entry-level position is somewhat more difficult than assessing a job-seeker with more experience. Applicants for entry-level positions, the thinking goes, don’t have a great deal of employment experience to call on. As a result, questions about their past experience perhaps won’t be helpful. Indeed, the […]

How to Assess Technical Skills When Recruiting New Hires – Pt 2

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Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on assessing technical skills before making a hiring decision. When it comes to IT and technical positions, you need someone who can step smoothly into the role of administrator, engineer, or developer. They need to be not just familiar with the technology, but capable and comfortable […]

How to Assess Technical Skills When Recruiting New Hires – Pt 1

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Assessing candidates for a technical position includes two broad categories of qualification. On the human side, candidates must have the right personality, and availability to fit well into a client’s company culture. On the technical side, candidates need to also have the tech skills necessary to fulfill the needs of the position. The problem is that […]

10 Ways to Get an Edge in the “War for Talent” – Pt 2

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Employee Wellness Programs All that said about remote work, you don’t actually have to give up on in-office employees. Fifty percent of the young workforce does still prefer a more stable and traditional working life but they still wield the power to choose their employer just as boldly as their freelancing colleagues. If you want […]

Top Talent Acquisition: 6 Reasons Athletes Are a Winning Choice

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Regardless of industry, hiring an athlete can be a winning decision for your business. They’re tough, they’re motivated, and they’re committed to accomplishing the goals set before them. If you’re debating between otherwise equally qualified candidates for an open position, your best bet is the person who is actively or formerly engaged in individual or team sport. Athletes are competition-driven […]

Recruiting for Finance and Accounting–5 Tips for Finding the Right Candidate

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Recruiting for finance and accounting jobs comes with its own unique set of challenges. In accounting, there is always a deadline looming. Whether it’s month-end, the time when quarterly taxes are due, or year-end, it’s always a busy time. If your department is understaffed, it can really set everyone back. That’s why it’s important to […]

Cultural Fit Is Important In Staffing

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Entirely too often, a company hires someone with amazing skills but just doesn’t work out. People are left wondering what went wrong as they sadly conduct an exit interview and cut the last paycheck. Often the culprit in this scenario is cultural fit. Each company takes a unique approach to accomplishing jobs, and sometimes someone […]

5 Steps to Find the Right Staffing Firm in San Diego

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  Finding the right talent for your business can be tough. Even if you work out a great job description, you have to post it in the right spots and hope that your dream candidates actually find it and apply. The difficulties of that process lead many businesses to work with staffing agencies instead. But […]

Top Talent Acquisition: Five Tips for Interviewing for a Company Culture Fit

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When preparing for an interview, most hiring managers brainstorm questions that will help them determine whether or not a potential candidate is the right functional fit for the open position. Gauging functional fit is important, of course, as it helps managers to ensure that a candidate has the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to succeed […]