2 Important​ Job Hunting Tips for 2020

Notebook, glass, phone and laptop on a table. Resume is in the laptop screen

When it comes to job hunting, the devil is in the details. You need to have perfect accuracy on your spelling and your grammar. Your interview skills have to be up to, and better than, par. Whether you’re brushing off your resume at the start of the new year or in the middle of the summer, […]

4 Things To Ask At Your Placement Interview

Elevated View Of A Male Manager Shaking Hands With Female Applicant Interviewing For An Accounting Job At Workplace

Interviews are hard. There are few things more nerve-wracking than answering the questions of someone who will decide if your services are worth the money of their company. This is true even if the placement is supposed to be temporary. After all, this temporary placement could become permanent or be parlayed into your dream position. So, […]

Avoid These Five Common Blunders When Interviewing for an Accounting Job

Accounting Jobs

Whether you’re on the hunt for your first accounting job or you’re a seasoned accounting professional looking for a job change, the thought of interviewing likely evokes a bit of anxiety. That’s because job interviews are your chance to showcase your best self– to let a potential employer see how your skills, experience, and education […]