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Corey McElliott

Executive Recruiter

Corey comes from a background in manufacturing before taking on a recruiting role with one of the nation’s largest staffing firms 5 years ago. During his time, he focused within light industrial, skill trade and construction skill sets. Using previous industry knowledge and a strong desire for growth, he was able to find high levels of success in the staffing realm. The desire for new challenges and the opportunity to foster greatness brought him to Boutique.

Corey is someone who represents his candidates in a fierce manner. He believes that top talent only needs a door opened to find the greatest career opportunities and he is determined to open as many doors as possible. This intense representation gives candidates superb confidence that their best interests are the priority.

When he is not diligently working on behalf of his candidates, Corey enjoys food festivals, good music and family and friends. He is also a huge sports fan. Mixed martial arts being one of his favorites. He is thrilled to be a part of the Boutique family.