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Kendra Krieg

Vice President of Recruiting

Kendra is a dedicated expert in recruiting and a remarkable leader with an entrepreneurial mindset. With a career spanning 8+ in the recruiting industry, Kendra’s journey has been guided by a passion for building connections between hiring managers and candidates, and leveraging her market knowledge to unearth top-tier talent.

Moreover, her leadership qualities shine brightly in her professional journey. Her wealth of experience, market proficiency, and mentoring prowess come together to create a unique leadership style. She not only manages teams effectively but also inspires them to reach new heights of success. Her leadership extends beyond the immediate confines of her workplace, as she contributes positively to the broader industry landscape.

Kendra, a dedicated mother of two teenagers, carries her upbringing as a softball and soccer athlete into her active lifestyle. Her pursuits range from gym sessions to paddle-boarding, snowboarding, boxing, and yoga, showcasing her adventurous spirit. Embodying the “work hard, play hard” mentality, Kendra’s enthusiasm for life is evident in her diverse interests and dynamic approach.