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Temp Services: 5 Benefits of Using Them in Your Business


These days, an increasing number of businesses have begun utilizing temp services as a means of filling positions within their companies. In fact, one report predicts that the need for temporary staffing will increase by 7% this year alone. Whether you’re looking to fill an accounting position, administrative position, or anything in between, turning to a temporary staffing agency could be an excellent choice for your business–and for a number of reasons.


Money Savings


First of all, hiring temporary employees saves your company money. That’s because most temporary workers aren’t expecting benefits, insurance, or other costly options that would typically be provided to a full-time employee. Generally, you can pay a temporary employee a set hourly wage while saving the added expense involved with on-boarding a full-time worker.


Bring in Seasonal Work


In the finance industry, many businesses find that they’re thinly stretched during the tax season and towards the end of the fiscal year. However, going through the process of hiring a new part- or full-time employee, only to not need them again ina couple months, can be wasteful in terms of time and resources.


By working with a temporary employment agency, you can bring in the help you need–when you need it. Looking for accountants to help with tax season? A temporary staffing agency can help you out.


Time Savings


Think about the last time you recruited a new full-time employee. How much time did you spend sifting through resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, and deciding on who to hire? And from there, how much additional time did you spend getting that employee trained and set up with benefits? It’s no secret that onboarding a new full-time employee is a very time-consuming process. Save the time and hassle of searching for the perfect employee by working with a temp agency; they’ll screen all applicants for you and only send ones through that meet your criteria.


Find the Right Fit


Even if you’re looking to potentially hire a full-time employee, starting them off as a temporary worker can be an excellent decision for your company. When you bring in a temporary worker, you’re under no obligation to bring them onboard full-time when their contract through the temp agency is up. This way, if they’re not your ideal fit, you can continue your search.


On the other hand, if the temp worker does turn out to be a good fit, then you can go ahead and make them a full-time offer once their contract is up. Simply put, working with a temporary employment agency essentially gives you the option to “test drive” a new employee before you make a long-term commitment.


Fill in for an Absence


If you run a smaller firm, then you know just how easily the gears of your operation can be ground to a halt if even one worker becomes sick or needs to take an extended leave of absence. In such situations, it’s always good to have temporary workers readily available to fill in for these positions and ensure your business can continue to run smoothly. This can save you a great deal of time, expense, and hassle in the event that a full-time worker becomes sick, take a maternity leave, or a similar situation.


There’s no denying that working with a temporary employment service can be a great way to keep your business running as it should while saving some time and money in the process. If you’re interested in finding out more about temporary employment and how we can help you find the best workers for your position, feel free to contact us today.