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Temporary Placements: Re-Entering The Work World After The Kid


Life can throw plenty of curveballs. Perhaps you swore that you would be the parent who was always home for your kids, and then your spouse got injured and had to cut their hours way back. Perhaps the youngest is entering middle school, and you are finding yourself watching paint dry just to feel important. Or maybe you had always planned to get back to work after the youngest entered kindergarten, and that time has come. In all of those situations, returning to working outside the home can be daunting. The change in schedule alone can be a struggle when you are used to being constrained by the kid’s school schedule alone. Fortunately, Boutique Recruiting has a suggestion for how you can successfully make the transition: temporary placements.

Gets You Up To Speed 

It is amazing how fast your chosen industry has changed. The software involved to send emails and create schedules is likely Outlook, and Excel has been updated. A lot of standard practices have changed and you may now be taking your meetings at virtual meeting places like Bandcamp or Slack. You can handle this, but it would be nice to be paid while you learn what has changed and adapt to it. Temporary placements let you spend hours at a time with the new technology and procedures in the type of settings where you would encounter them all while getting paid. It’s a full-immersion class that is guaranteed to give you job skills that you will need in a permanent job.

There is also the need to practice interviewing and polishing up your CV when going back to work. A temporary placement company can help you practice those things so you look attractive to the workforce.

Flexible Schedule

Even though you are going back to work, you still want to be there for the kids. You may have already promised to help with a class project or to see the school play that takes place at 11 am. This can be hard to figure out with a steady 9-to-5 job that you work Monday through Friday, especially when your children are still in need of constant supervision. Temporary placements can give you the flexibility you need to meet your familial obligations while still bringing home a paycheck. You can hire on to special projects that will only take a short while and work around that.

Builds Up Your CV

The biggest problem that a stay-at-home parent faces when returning to working outside of the home is the gap in their work history. You have some explaining to do: how have you kept up with the changes in the industry? Do you have the experience necessary? Taking temporary jobs in the same field is an easy way to close the gap so that the HR people you talk to have fewer questions. It is also a great way to answer those questions: clearly, you have the expertise they are looking for from the temporary jobs you did.

There are also temp-to-hire jobs that can help you find work with less worry about the gap. You get the position on a trial basis when your employer is willing to take a chance on you. Then you prove what an awesome employee you are, so they hire you for the position full time.

If you are returning to the workforce after taking time out for your family, temporary placements can help you make the transition. Boutique Recruiting specializes in finding the administrative, accounting, and financial jobs that are right for their candidates, so they can help you make the change. Contact us for more information.