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The Do’s Of Hiring Contingent Employees



With the economic times taking a toll on many in the workforce, there has been a spike in the number of people being hired as contingent workers. Companies have to deal with numerous budgeting and hiring changes, and this results in the hiring of workers on a contingent basis in order for everyone to maintain flexibility in the midst of all the changes.

When you hire workers on a contingent basis, companies will have more opportunities to be effective and efficient on a consistent basis. When staff members are hired on a contingent basis, they will have a better chance of managing their staff and their budgets that are going through constant changes.

Hiring workers on a contingent basis not only benefits the employers, but it also benefits the employees. An employee will have the flexibility and freedom to work when help is needed and to showcase their skills and expertise among a variety of companies. When employees can work in a variety of workplaces and do an outstanding job, they will be able to increase their chances of landing greater business opportunities that can result in a greater earning potential.

As great as hiring contingent workers is, many companies fall short when it comes to managing those workers. Many companies do not put much thought into how they will make their contingent staff feel like they are really part of the company. On the other hand, many other companies take it too far and you cannot tell who is a permanent employee and who is a contingent employee.

DO Tell Them About Your Mission, Goals, Etc.

It is very important that you do allow your contingent employees to gain an understanding of your company’s culture. You should take the time to ensure they are familiarized with the culture of your workplace and the corporate culture. You should make sure the employees are familiar with the mission, goals, and values of your workplace.

If there are any training exercises or videos that you use to build a better team, you should use those training resources with your contingent staff. If you want to make things better for all of your contingent workers, you can create your own orientation or training session.

DO Tell Them How They Are Doing

Do your employees like when you give them feedback? If they do, you should try the same thing with your contingent employees. When you are handing out performance feedback forms to your employees, you should not overlook your contingent employees. When you can hand your contingent employees a performance feedback form, they will value the feedback and use that as motivation to improve.

If your workplace accepts open communication, both sides will benefit from the performance feedback. If you ever need someone for a project in the future, you will know what workers will be a great fit for the next project because you have previous performance feedback.

DO Allow Them To Use Your Services

While your contingent employees will not be eligible for all the things your main staff is eligible for, you will motivate and encourage your employees if you allow them to have the same services that everyone else uses. The services do not have to be anything major; they can be things as simple as being able to use certain employee discounts and being invited to office events.

Are you looking to team up with a contingent firm now or in the future? It does not matter what type of industry you are in, you will definitely appreciate the benefits of a contingent employee. Contact us today if you would like more information about what a contingent employee can do for your workplace.