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Top 5 Podcasts for Accountants


There’s a significant number of informative podcasts for accountants out there. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, education, or both, you’re able to listen to what you want, when you want. Choose among podcasts hosted by working CPAs passing on their experience, financial journalists covering money and business news of the day, entrepreneurs who want to motivate and inspire, and more.

Here are five of the top accounting podcasts you should subscribe to.


BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Co-hosted by founder Joshua Dorkin, Brandon Turner, and David Greene, BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is about growing wealth through smart investments. The trio use humor and enthusiasm to talk about successes, failures, motivations, and lessons learned about real estate investing. Every week, receive actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals. Topics include tax hacks to increase your return on investment, turning six-figure, short-term rental profits into passive investments, and using a real estate agent to find your first or next deal.

Cloud Stories   

Accountant and content creator Heather Smith’s Cloud Stories podcast provide insight into the power of cloud-based solutions for accounting professionals. She shares stories about accountants, cloud advisors, business consultants, cloud integrators, developers, and others who build or use business apps to extend the capability of online accounting software. Learn how small businesses and advisory services can thrive among artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots.

The College Investor Audio Show

Robert Farrington, a millennial money expert and founder of The College Investor Audio Show, discusses how to pay off student loans, start investing, and build wealth for the future. Instead of cutting expenses and living frugally, he recommends having a side hustle and being an entrepreneur to earn additional income to achieve financial goals. Topics include how to do your own taxes without making major mistakes, the top personal finance YouTubers to follow now, and whether standard deduction or itemizing your tax return is better.

The CPA Exam Guide

Host Bryan Kesler shares his experience passing the CPA exam. Through The CPA Exam Guide, hear in-depth stories of what he and other successful CPAs did to pass the exam. Subjects include what your CPA exam study personality is and how to cut your study time and still add points to your score.

The Disciplined Investor

Host Andrew Horowitz uses his decades of experience advising individuals and companies on making smart investment decisions to help people take control of their financial situations. In this weekly podcast, he and guests share stories and commentary about retirement, cryptocurrency, stocks, and more. Subjects include a new proposal to incentivize stock purchases, consumer debt reaching an all-time high, and how the potential for a global pandemic is creating a stir with markets.

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