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Unhappy at Your Job? Here Are 4 Signs It’s Time to Move On


If you’re having a challenging time at work and don’t want to be there anymore, it may be time to make a job change. You might be considering quitting but afraid things won’t work out. Or, you could be hoping things will get easier if you just wait them out. However, the longer you stay in your role, the more detrimental it can be. It’s best to start your search before things get even worse.   

Here are four ways to tell when it’s time to find a new job.  

Work Interferes with Sleep 

If worries about your job are keeping you up at night, then it’s time to find a new opportunity. Thoughts about work might make getting to sleep difficult. Or, you may wake up during the night stressed about going to the office the next day. Perhaps you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Sleep is vital to your health. Job-induced stress can make it hard to rest at night. Going to the office tired can make small issues seem big. The longer this continues, the worse things will get. Make the move to a job change now.  

Stress Is Making You Sick 

If your rising stress level is manifesting in physical symptoms, then you need to find a different job. Your mental health can affect your physical health. If you’re experiencing headaches, stomachaches, depression, anxiety, or other issues, it may be related to your work. You could be eating more food or drinking more alcohol than usual. Rather than stay at a job that’s making you ill, find a new role.   

Your Productivity Is Decreasing 

If you find yourself accomplishing less than usual at the office each day, then it’s time to begin your job search. You might be more bored with your tasks and less passionate about your contributions. Perhaps you spend increased time surfing the web or chatting with coworkers than finishing your work. Look for a more stimulating position today.  

You Keep Missing Promotions 

If you’re continually getting passed over for advancement in the organization, then you need to secure a role with another employer. Perhaps you give your best effort on projects, come in early and work late when needed, and occasionally take work home with you, only to see someone else get chosen for a promotion. Even if you have more experience and longevity with the company, your manager repeatedly offers a higher role to a teammate. This could indicate your efforts and contributions aren’t being valued. If so, move your career forward with another company.  

What to Do Next 

When you decide to make a job change, involve Boutique Recruiting in your search. We match you with employers who value your accomplishments and can move your career to the next level. Find out which openings interest you today.