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Use These 3 Tips for Entering the Finance Industry After Undergrad


If you’re approaching the end of school, the first thing you may think of is getting a job. However, when you want to work in the finance industry and you only have a Bachelor’s Degree, you might be worried about your competition; the people who stayed in school to get their Master’s Degrees. While that might be an option for you in the future, you can get a job in finance right now.

If you want the perfect job though, you’ll need to compete and sell yourself to potential employers. With just a B.A., you’ll need every advantage you can get. Use these three tips to help you secure a good entry level job in the finance industry in a timely manner:

  • Get an Internship

Before you can consider paid work, you may want to think about getting an internship. If you start early – even before you graduate – you can get your internship out of the way and you’ll have relevant, real-life work experience in the finance industry.

For potential employers, the fact that you’ve actually done some work – even if it was for college credit – can really mean a lot when it comes to landing an entry level job.

  • Diversify Your Experience

Working in one sector of finance can make you feel like a specialist, but when you’re just starting out, nobody wants inexperienced specialists. Instead, do your internships in different sectors. For example, you can start in equities before moving to fixed income management.

Do what you like, but diversify your experience so employers will know you’re a knowledgeable, versatile job candidate.

  • Know How to Communicate

To get a job in finance you need to walk the walk, and talk the talk. Get a subscription to The Wall Street Journal and read it daily. To get potential employers to hire you you’re going to need to impress them with your knowledge of the business.

In fact, your knowledge needs to stand out, even over more qualified candidates if you want the job for yourself.