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Why Should You Seek the Advice of a Professional Headhunter for Your HR Needs?


Operating a successful business represents a complicated, time consuming, and often daunting task. With so many undertakings to take care of, sometimes, the most critical asset of any company falls short of the attention it deserves. Maintaining a reliable, talented, and satisfied employee base represents the foundation of any business.

So, most large companies employ a human resource department, shouldn’t they assume the responsibility for a well-qualified workforce? For some positions, it makes sense to rely on an in- house HR department, but many human resource departments stay plenty busy taking care of the needs of their current employees. Now, more than ever, companies turn to outside agencies to help fill the positions of highly skilled or high-level jobs.

What is a headhunter?

External agencies often specialize in providing both temporary and full-time staff employ headhunters. Headhunters usually concentrate on finding candidates for permanent high-level jobs. Often these jobs don’t get advertised through the usual methods. 

Headhunters work best when they specialize in just a few industries. Previously, using headhunters only in emergencies represented the norm. Today, many companies hold a place in their budgets for routinely contracting headhunters and outside placement agencies. 

Why you should use a headhunter for your HR needs:

You may very well employ an excellent and capable human resource team. However, in addition to the jobs they possess, keeping your current employees up to date, other reasons exist for not depending on your internal staff for all your hiring needs:

  • Unrealistic and out of date job descriptions often don’t attract the best candidates. Additionally, an inaccurate job description leads to disappointment and more turnover.
  • The communications of the hiring team end up sounding complacent or even dull.
  • The practice of recruiting through friends and family sets the stage for all kinds of problems. Not the least of these family recruitment concerns might involve nepotism, but also potentially opens the door to a line of unqualified candidates, especially if the referring employee expects an award or bonus.
  • Often the methods used for marketing, advertising, and hiring new employees suffer from dated processes and techniques.

Of course, entry and lower-level positions may not require outside assistance to find the perfect candidate. But, if the search involves one for a management or executive position consider the following reasons why seeking help from a headhunter makes sense:

  • Headhunters possess the experience and training to find the best candidate.
  • Many recruiting agencies possess an interest in developing a long-term relationship with the candidate and the client.
  • Headhunters and recruitment agencies often take care of preliminary testing and interviewing.
  • Outside agencies also conduct criminal background checks, credit checks where applicable, and verify references.
  • Gigantic online recruitment service can’t claim the personal element that a brick and mortar institution provides.
  • Going through a headhunter and outside agency provides a way to bring in fresh talent and new ideas.

The advantages of choosing a boutique service:

Once you determine if it makes sense to contract the assistance of a headhunter, you’ll probably also realize, not all headhunters and employment agencies perform equally.

The apparent advantage of hiring a boutique agency involves the industry specialization. At Boutique Recruiting, we concentrate on finance, administration, accounting, and technology. Additionally, we offer perks you may not find at some of the larger revolving door type establishments:

  • Our uniquely qualified team demonstrates commitment and dedication daily.
  • We believe in the importance of the employer-employee relationship. We work diligently to make sure both the client and the candidate receives the best possible experience.
  • While some big companies spend five or ten minutes looking at a resume, we read the resume and cover thoroughly. 
  • We offer our candidates’ skill training if necessary.
  • We thoroughly check out references.
  • We offer and encourage follow-up communications. We want to build long term relationships.

We understand the importance valued employees bring to a business. We want to assist you in keeping your current workforce up to date while adding needed talent to your team. 

Looking for a professional headhunter? For more information on our headhunting services, please contact us here.