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Why Smart Companies Hire Job Hoppers


Re-frame your mind about candidates who have frequently changed jobs in the past.

They can be more valuable, creative, and strategic than you give them credit for!

5 Reasons To Target A Job Hopper As Your Next New Hire

Innovative: Job hoppers are known as creators and out-of-the-box thinkers. They have been exposed to different ways of doing business and can be top problem-solvers.  Their creative side can bring new ideas and processes that become valuable to your company. Your business can also benefit and thrive from this type of person as they seek new challenges and opportunities to make a difference.

Ambitious: Candidates who have had a number of jobs over the years are typically people who have a strong desire to prove themselves — they can be incredibly valuable. They look to have a positive impact and get ahead in your company. They can be determined, eager to learn, and can bring great energy to departments in your company that need a boost. 

Well-networked: A person who has worked in a variety of industries and companies may be one of the best-networked employees on your payroll. They bring significant value as they have strong networks and can leverage them for insight on your competitors, new tech stacks & systems, and sourcing and can be invaluable for new client acquisition. A person’s network is their net worth!

Growth-minded: When you need someone who wants to thrive and take on additional responsibilities, a candidate with a robust work history may be just what your company needs. This type of candidate is more likely to seek out opportunities for growth and development. As you level-up your company choose someone who will be focused and instrumental in your company’s expansion.

Adaptable: Unlike workers who may not be as open to learning or change, job hoppers may be more malleable and able to quickly adjust to new environments and cultures.  They most likely 

have experience working in different companies, with different teams, and under different managers, which can give them a broad range of skills and knowledge. Employees who are not set in their ways are stronger team players and easier to work with.

Things have changed!  It’s a good idea to change our perception about candidates who have made career moves and changed jobs more than a typical employee. These employees are smart and resourceful. They likely will be looking for ways to maintain your company’s competitive edge. 

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