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Why Transitioning Military Need Staffing Firms in San Diego


Naval Base San Diego is home to more than 20,000 service members, many who whom will remain in the area following separation. These sailors could greatly benefit from using our staffing firm in San Diego to find employment – here’s why.

A Variety of Options

After leaving the military, not every service member desires the same level of employment. Retirees, for example, may seek only part-time or seasonal work. On the other hand, those completing their initial contracts or transitioning to the reserves might desire full-time, permanent positions.

Our staffing firm has various levels of employment to meet a plethora of needs. In addition to contract workers, we also offer contract-to-hire and direct-hire placements. If you’re not quite sure what you are looking for, we would be happy to show you the different options available and help you determine which solution is best.

A Sense of Community

During your time in the military, you may have traveled extensively. Now that you are no longer wearing the uniform, you are probably ready for some stability. We provide that by getting to know you so that we can recommend a position that is right for you.

Our recruiters also know local hiring managers well. As such, we are often the “bridge” between transitioning service members and San Diego area business executives. You won’t have to feel as though you are going it alone when you allow us to walk beside you during the transitioning process.

Transferring Military Experience to Civilian Skills

As a service member, you may feel as though you have little experience that a civilian employer would be interested in. That’s not necessarily the case, as every position in the Navy has some type of administrative, accounting, or supply-related function. For example, sailors regularly:

  • Generate reports
  • Make requests for supplies and equipment based on pre-determined budgetary allowances
  • Negotiate contracts for goods and services
  • Inventory, store, and maintain equipment
  • Create files and maintain records

All of these tasks equate to valuable experience that can be transferable to civilian occupations. To see what skills you might have that would be of interest to a civilian employer, use the military skills translator offered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Many who do so are surprised to learn that they are more qualified for outside employment than they had previously thought.

Eliminates Uncertainty

With a traditional job search, you scour endless amounts of websites looking for open positions. Some will become frustrated with this method and turn to “cold calling” local businesses instead. This can involve the time-consuming practice of knocking on doors or phoning hiring managers to see which companies might have some openings.

Former sailors are often unprepared for what can seem like an overwhelming task at times. In fact, service members are sometimes even more unprepared for this than their civilian counterparts. That’s because many people on the outside have been actively engaged in job hunting over the years, and have come to see the process as normal.

Getting off of active duty comes with its own challenges. In addition to finding employment, you might also need to secure housing or reconsider your health care options. If you are continuing in the reserves, you will need to meet with a recruiter and locate the right reserve unit.

By partnering with us, you can avoid the uncertainty that comes from not knowing whether or not an employer is hiring. All of our clients have been pre-screened and are actively looking for people just like you. Allow us to help you streamline the process and be on your way to secure employment much faster. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.