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Why Work with a Boutique Staffing Agency Instead of a Large Agency?


There are big and small staffing agencies. Whereas the bigger ones might deal with all types of placements without specializing, the smaller ones tend to be more specialized.

Larger agencies also tend to be impersonal. Yes, you’ll be dealing with one person who has your account. But that person will have so many accounts that they may not be able to give you the type of personal attention that you want or need.

And besides, they’ll also be trying to place a number of people. So if they can’t place a person in one company, they’ll try with another without stopping to think about whether that person really fits the second company’s needs.

So basically, it’s in your best interests to go with a boutique staffing agency rather than a larger one. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

They Will Understand Your Needs

When you’re working with a boutique staffing agency, your account is going to be important to them. So they’re going to take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for in the position for which you’re hiring.

Plus, they’ll also make an effort to understand your company culture and what type of organization you are running. What kind of feel do you want in your company? Do you value and reward hard work or are you more interested in creativity? Are you more hierarchical or are you looking for original thinkers who are not afraid to speak up?

A boutique agency will work with you, not just to fill the position, but also to create the type of company culture you want in the future. A large staffing agency may not take the time to understand what you are looking for, but a boutique staffing agency will make it their first priority.

They Will Give It Their Best Shot

When you work with a boutique staffing agency, they’ll do their utmost to make sure that you get what you’re looking for.

  • They’ll have an intense screening process, and they’ll make sure that you’re happy with the person’s background and the way they present themselves at the interview.
  • They’ll make sure their references are impeccable.
  • And they’ll negotiate a salary which will won’t strain your budget but will keep the person happy enough to stay at your company long term.
  • They’ll be happy to send you as many candidates as you want to interview to make sure that you are happy with your final choice.
  • Plus, if it turns out that you’re not happy with that person in that position, they will continue to work with you to find someone you are happy with.

They Are More Creative

It’s not just that you get more personalized attention with a boutique staffing agency. And it’s not just that they’re going to try harder to get you the type of new hire that you want. It’s also that a boutique staffing agency is going to have more fresh ideas to get you the type of employees you want.

For example, if you’re not able to find someone for a certain full-time position, they might suggest that you break that up into two part-time positions. If you can’t find someone who can work 9-5 and has the qualifications you want, they might suggest giving that person flexible timings.

They might also have other ideas to help you attract top talent, keeping in mind the fact that people are not always looking for more money. They’re also looking for a nice place to work.

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